Saturday, 21 May 2011

I left my hat in Belize....

sung to the well known tune of I left my heart in San Fransisco.... LOL... serves me right for leaning off the balcony in a gale whilst wearing it... I quite liked that hat too!  It is now doing it's own little cruise around the Carribean...
This is Chris and I hugging Margarita the dolphin... this was our favourite thing this trip.... would go back to play with the dolphins again!
Chris getting a kiss from Margarita...
and me too!  
Having a great time... a bit sunburned and probably a few pounds heavier...


  1. awwww fabby pics :D
    Shame about your hat!!!
    J xx

  2. Shame about your hat, but looks like you've had a fantastic trip!

  3. Looks like you are having a super time.

    Toni xx

  4. Amazing photographs... what a shame about the cute little hat though :)

  5. Sorry to hear you lost your hat, but wow, what an experience with the dolphins!!!

  6. Sorry to hear about the hat, but you look SO happy. I bet that trip is fantastic. It sounds like it was (or is) lots of fun.

  7. That's awesome! Love your photos. I'd throw my hat away just to be there, lol. Have a great time!

  8. i lost my fav. hat on Kinder,

    I still miss it...

    Looks like a marvelous time, dolphin snogging...


  9. I stopped by to see you now that you have returned. But I see that you didn't post to WOYWW this week. I didn't either, but it was because I shut my computer down due to storms, hail, high winds, lightening, etc. I left if off all day, too. I should have been doing something, but slept off and on part of the day instead. Now I'll be up all night. Enough about me. Welcome home.

  10. Oh boy - you'd better be a few pounds heavier!!
    How fantastic. I just knew you'd be having a marvellous time, but this experience is really amazing!!


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