Wednesday, 27 July 2011

WOYWW 27th July 2011

Another week whizzes past at the speed of light... though I have managed to finish a book I have been working on and I have loads of stuff in the pipeline to play with.
This is my desk... with the almost finished book... I have wanted a bigger version of the books I make for keeping ATC's... so made myself this one.  The first half is for ATC's that people have sent to me and the second half is for storing ATC's I make ready for swapping.   Also on the desk are a couple of lovely finds I bought this morning... the Tisane box is going to 'altered' to sit on my desk with little embellies in because it opens front ways and will make getting to stuff super easy and I love the To Do list... its a frame with a clipboard at the top... I'm thinking of adding a pic of a melon to the To Do title.... a honey dew melon.... get it?  Get it?  Hmmm, not sure Chris will appreciate it either!! LOL
Clever eh?  Just need to find the papers I want to use on it...
On my other desk are a couple of ampersands I found... as soon as I have time I am going to have a go at changing their appearance!! ;)  In the front of those is the cardboard from a new set of sheets... I unwrapped the sheets and pulled the cardboard out and looked at it.... yep... it looks just like a book!  I grabbed the cardboard and headed off to the scrap room with it... only found the sheets discarded on the bed a couple of hours later... you know you have a problem when everything looks like the makings of a book...
Here is a close up of the ATC book.  Graphic 45 Curtain Call papers... 
I have put a normal paper page between each set of the ATC holder pages.
I put these together quickly because I didn't like empty pages looking back at me!!
Another paper page...
and another quick set for the book!
Don't forget to pop on over to the Queen of the Desk Inspectors... Julia, to check out the list!!


  1. Oh nice, very nice. That's a very inspiring workdesk. Make me want to run out to the studio and create a masterpiece. Tee hee. Thanks for sharing, very nice.

  2. These ATCs are going to make me want to get back into making them. I've been so busy with fabric, I've forgotten about ATCs. I'm totally impressed with the book you made, too. Got a laugh about the sheets. Sounds like your distraction was worth it, though. And I really like that Tisane box. It will definitely be handy.

    I hope your weather isn't too bad. I read on Julia's blog about your thunderstorm today. I bet the cats really did want to be snuggled up next to you. And I know that snuggling can be downright hot, too. Don't worry. I'm sleeping under the AC. I have a window unit in my office, where I usually end up sleeping, anyway that is in addition to the central air. I can take the cold, but don't do well with heat at all. So I'll be under the AC most of Wednesday.

  3. Absolutely loveee your ATC book .funny this week i have been making wee folders for my ATC swaps as im doing a swap of 6 and 9 .Rather than use wee little bags thought these folders would be cute.Love your embellishment storage cant wiat to see decorated.
    Have fab wednesday and a creative week ahead.
    hugs Judex 7

  4. your ATC book is wonderful! i really like it! i have a lot of cardboard all waiting for a project too!

  5. Hi hun
    lots of goodies to look at this week, lovely atc book with beautiful work in it, look forward to seeing your box altered,thanks for the mocch, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  6. Loooove the books! Always a pleasure to snoop around your desk that is also looking very spic and span!
    thanks for the peek today! Sarah (Sasa at 1)

  7. Superb ATC book, and your new purchase Tisane box is brilliant, look forward to seeing it filled with goodies :)

  8. You have been busy and it looks like you still have more on the go.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the cardboard 'book'.

    Toni xx

  9. What a fab ATC book - you always come up with such amazing art. I can't wait to see what you do with those ampersands - they are sure to be very impressive!

  10. What a great ATC book you've made- great choice of papers! Patsy from

  11. Such a lot of fab things to show us today. Thanks for sharing.
    A x

  12. I absolutely L.O.V.E. that ATC book, especially the title page. It is simply amazing - great combination of images and just enough sparkle to keep me happy!!

  13. Haha, I do that with cardboard, too! Seems such a shame to waste it when someone has magically folded it just right! Your tisane box is fab - can't wait to see what you do with it.
    Helen S

  14. ooh nice box-can't wait to see how you alter it. Love the ATC book also.


  15. Beautiful ATC’s and I love the book you’ve made for storing them, I think it’s nice when you can come up with something yourself for storage rather than something from the shops.

    Love the box for your desk too, it’s going to be a great asset for keeping things close to you on your desk.

    Happy Crafting

  16. What a great looking book, you just have to love Graphic 45 don't you.
    Thanks for the snoop.


  17. Love your ATC book. I've only ever made 1 ATC card. Hmmmm, maybe I need to revisit this art form!

  18. Oh, I love your ATC book. Seems like they are very popular on blogs today. :) I'll certainly have to get one for myself. I have ATC's scattered in my drawer now.

  19. loving that little forward drop down front box what a great find! Also love the ATC book too. Must remember to come back to check out the ampersands too when you've changed their appearance
    Sam x

  20. That G45 paper is so gorgeous! (But aren't they always? *lol*)
    Love your ATC book - it's perfect!
    Have a wonderful WOYWW!

  21. That box is fab and looking forward to seeing what you do with it! Love your book too!

  22. Yes, lovely desk this week - love that tisane box too. I don't think there is a cure for your particular problem - there's no help for it, you'll just have to keep on making books :) Have a great week. Elizabeth x #59

  23. Great interesting desk and post. Lots of loveliness to spy on...I LOVE the book!
    love JoZarty x

  24. Phew ...finally got my net working again ...was in the middle of a comment too so it must have been yours. I love the papers etc that you have used to create this book.
    That is a fun set of drop drawers ...can wait to see it in action ...all altered with your style.

  25. Great lot of work to share this week... but how fab is that front opening box!!! I look forward to seeing how you alter it!!

  26. Hi, thanks for sharing your desk, i'm on a mad dash round, places to go and things to see, so can't stay for a chat! Have a good week.

  27. Once more you have inspired me to get working in my craft room. You do the most amazing things. Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #11

  28. Lots of fun and creative things on your desk this week. I love the sheet story...Glad to know I am not the only person afflicted with the lost time issue! Sorry I am so late getting around but haven't felt well this week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie


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