Tuesday, 30 August 2011

More Tip Ins...

As the deadline for these gets closer my panic to complete gets worse... and though a deadline is a great motivator it doesn't always mean that the execution of the work is what you would hope for!!
This dragonfly jane's page on graveyards/cemeteries.... it didn't turn out very cheerful and bright... might be because I had a skull looking up at me from my desk...
This is Tinkerhamilton's Apothecary Shop/vintage beauty.
I'm at the halfway mark.... yippppeeeeee!


  1. Yeh, you are getting there - lovely work Annette.

    Toni xx

  2. Oooh I love my skull day of the dead page, thanks VV, it's brilliant and the colouring is perfect.

    So happy


  3. Gee Annette,

    I'm pretty sure this is ONE very huge and detailed swap. I bet everyone loves (or will love) the ones you make, because you put so much detail into everything you do. Love these latest ones, as much as the previous ones you showed.

  4. My word, this looks like a big ol commitment type swap to me! Love both these pages for entirely different reasons of course..that patterned skull is amazing- did you doodle it?

  5. Beautiful stuff! I really like that skull! You'll finish..don't worry!

  6. so glad you are a happy lunatic, because of your crafting,

    just remember where home is and next time you are there, holler, and we will gather the loonies and have a craftfest to frighten the pants off 'normal' people...



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