Monday, 29 August 2011

Tip In Swap Pages

I joined a swap on UK Scrappers for tip in pages and the deadline is now looming... and my mojo is still travelling around the Badlands of Alberta, hiding amongst the hoodoos. Darned mojo is never around when you want him...
Alice in Wonderland page for Weaselwise
Peter Pan page for bettybadger
Another Peter Pan page (because like an idiot I signed up for two groups) for Nicci24lego
With book mark lifted out of the way of the words.
Steampunk page for Mistyrat
OK... back to the desk... just a few more make.... well, maybe a few more than 'few'....


  1. They are beautiful Annette. I'm sure Weasel will love hers and that steampunk one is amazing.

    Hope you had a fabulous trip to the Falls.

    Toni xx

  2. Oh my - thank you i LOVE LOVE LOVE my page!!! but then you do such beautiful work anyways Annette... the Peter Pan pages are cute too!

  3. I love, love, love those bookmarks. I'm a bookmark collector and can't get enough. But what do you do with the larger bit? They look like cards but there aren't any sentiments on them, or notes about what they're for, so thought I'd ask...


  4. I'm not in blue but they are adorable and the steampunk is stunning. Nice to see you're back (:o) Elly

  5. Wow, you are brave. When I am in a swap, all the pages are the same or very similar. That saves me from having to design more than one composition, something I'm not very good at.

    So I would say your mojo is truly showing signs of recovery from that vacation you were on. Now where are all the photos, dear friend?


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