Sunday, 14 August 2011

Yay.... he got here!!

Christopher, that is... had a delay at Gatwick for about 5 hours whilst they fixed the plane (fixing the plane always makes me nervous... but not fixing the plane would obviously be worse) but he is here!!  Almost a year since we last saw him... so where the heck did that year disappear to?  He is staying for two weeks so we have made plans... a trip to see Niagara Falls next weekend once Chris is back from Fort Mac... have always wanted to see Niagara Falls... another thing ticked off my bucket list!!  We did Victoria Falls 5 years ago... so if I visit one of the big falls around the world every five years.... I'm gonna be a very old lady before the list is done!!
My Smash book was on the Bind It All blog earlier this week so I can now pop it on to here!
Hopefully I will have lots of fun things to add to it whilst Christopher is here! 
Made index pages so that I could divide it into sections of trips, art etc 
This is my Calgary Stampede page. 
Some fold out pages for extra pics or journalling.
ATC pages for small artwork.
My page for our trip to the the theatre to see Wicked.
Pocket pages and the tags are paint chips from Martha Stewart!

More pockets and more paint chips... I love these as you can match the colours so easily to your project!
OK... I am off to make pancakes for breakfast... I get to play Mummy for two whole weeks!! (LOL... by the end of it  he will be glad to go back to his flat I am sure)!!!


  1. Glad he arrived safe & sound Annette...have a wonderful time whilst he is there.

    Your smash book is fabulous - love the PPs your have used and the colours are lovely.

    Toni xx

  2. Paint chips - so glad I'm not the only one to managed to walk out the door with hand fulls lol! Beautiful book.


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