Wednesday, 10 August 2011

WOYWW 10th August 2011

On my work desk this week is the second project from the templates I bought from Beetroot Tree... yep, I got my sewing machine out and had a play... it's not finished, need to add some bits and bobs to it.. maybe some buttons and beads... if you want to see the other template which is a house, it is in my previous post.

Not sure what I am going to use it for...
but it's quite cute... maybe put some tags inside with favourite quotes...
Don't forget to check out the linky list at the Queen of the Desks, Julia, for lots of nosiness and bucketfulls of inspiration from around the world.
I have to say that what I have managed to see on the riots and looting back home saddens me... what a stupid waste... and the reports say they are protesting against cutbacks and poverty... so instead of actually making a difference and doing something useful with their lives, they go and destroy their own streets and steal from the local businesses that employ people.  I just don't understand it.  


  1. You're an early bird. And I agree with you about the looting and rioting. In a country that is already economically stressed, it is hard to fathom that some would try to pull everyone down to their level.

    I really like that cute house, but I LOVE the chipboard one. Have a great tomorrow, dear friend.

  2. Ah feeling so sad about what is happening in your fair land too.. so sad!
    I love the wee house too so cute thanks for sharing, Shaz in Oz. x

  3. Oh what fun! I think I would keep my flower seeds in that in preparation for next gardening season. You'll come up with something wonderful no doubt.

  4. I really love your house, looks so cool!!!
    Arg, this nonsense with the rioting and looting, for what I ask ? People are trying to justify it,it is just blatant criminality. Youths wanting to cause anarchy. Hope it will go away soon xxx

  5. this looks great fun to make! Can't believe the news either...shocked and ashamed.
    On a brighter note... I have a Dutch pretties giveaway on blog today if you fancy some colour!
    Thanks for sharing your WOYWW desk today,
    Sarah at 3

  6. What a fab project - so bright and cheerful.

    Toni xx

  7. Yay - more sewing!! Great fabric and I love the multi-coloured ribbons, FUN!!

  8. Hi hun
    its awful to see whats going on, wow i luv your little house, gorgeous material,thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  9. Love that house - I made a couple of bags similar a few weeks ago (although bigger) and they are so useful I might make some more. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I agree that it is horrible what is happening in the UK now. It is similar to what happened in CA in the late '60's early '70's. All the looting and pillage is only creating more prolems not helping them. I really like your house and I think filling it with some kind of motivational tags would be awesome. Love all the fabric fat quarters, so bright and cheerful. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  11. It's fab and such pretty fabric... it will prove useful I'm sure... and have a great week.. Don't forget my swap

  12. Great desk today, love your makes.
    I agree with your comments. These mindless youngsters - and they are so young - all want something for nothing. Makes me so angry! off my soapbox now - have a good day.

  13. I'm with you on the riots. Idiots, each and every one of them....I think the saying is 'biting the hand that feeds them'.
    Really love what you've made this week....such fun.
    A x

  14. Thanks for sharing your space this week and I hope the rest of your week goes well! Your project looks interesting, fabric always gives a different feel to things.

  15. It was quite scary watching it unfold in my own city of Manchester - alas most people just jump on the band wagon and make an isolated incident an excuse for this type of behaviour. It's been quite heartbreaking listening to stories from those who have lost so much and shows the level of intelligence when they stone ambulances rushing to help someone (three died in Birmingham protecting their business and the paramedics were stoned). I don't know the answer - do any of us?
    Sorry rant over.
    Is there no end to your talent? Great project, look forward to seeing the end product.
    Sorry about my double name (1 and 7) I really am the original dizzy blonde.
    Hugs, Neet x

  16. I love your memory box - so colorful!

  17. so cute, you can use it as your cellphone holder too.

  18. I have to say that nothing makes sense over the riots ...other than a small group of trouble makers taking advantage of gulable youth ....aparently its co-ordinated by phone i have heard.

    Love your creation cats would think they were in feline heaven with all those ribbons lol

  19. Lovely desk this week Annette! Is there anything you're not good at? LOL

    On the riots - I'm totally with you, though it seems that it started over a shooting incident in Tottenham, rather than being protests about the cutbacks. And then those youths who are just generally anarchic use it as an excuse for their abysmal criminal activities, and make us all ashamed to be British. Personally, I think they should introduce curfews for the time being, and ultimately bring back National Service as that seems to bring some of the less than savoury characters into line!

  20. Lovely little fabric house, love the bright colours and those gorgeous ribbons. I can't agree that those people are protesting about poverty and cutbacks... maybe 5%, the rest are just out to cause trouble IMO. I mean 10 year old looting stores! What do they understand about cutbacks?? Says a lot about society to me, which is so sad.

    Brenda 73

  21. Love your little house! The colours are such happy colours.
    Happy WOYWW

  22. Well this is so sweet and such nice fabrics - even a sewing machine doesn't slow you down, huH! Love the ribbon fastenings, really fun.
    You're right about the trouble here - there's a difference between protest which turns to riot and starightforward stealing that is organised looting. It's shameful and I never thought I'd be on the side of the government when I say that!

  23. love the project, and the ribbons give it that extra something!
    caroline #83

  24. What a pretty project - I love the fabrics and the ribbons look lovely. Makes me wish I could sew but sadly I suck at fabric crafts! :lol:

    It's so depressing to see what's happening in this country. As you say, these selfish idiots are only making the "poverty" in their areas worse (and I put "" around poverty because not having a plasma TV or the latest trainers is *not* poverty - these thugs should take a look at what happening in the horn of Africa if they want to know what poverty really is. Grrrrrr.

    Ali #66

  25. Love your latest project, thanks for sharing.

    Jumbleberries xx

  26. thanks for the glimpse. Have a great day. Cute project.

  27. ooh fab box, thanks for joining in for charity,


    like polluting

    hurts everyone

    including the polluting looter

    join Operation Anti Riot Tea

  28. Love your projects, especially the house - it is so sweet. Re: the riots - got to agree with everybody on this and I'm with Morti, bring in a curfew for the time being and National Service in the long term, it would be in everyone's interest. And, perhaps, ban the wearing of anything that covers the face to deliberately conceal identity, hoodies, balaclavas, scarves, that sort of thing, although that could be political dynamite. I don't believe it's about poverty, deprivation or marginalisation - I believe it's opportunism - it's just criminal. Right, off my soapbox now. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #60

  29. What a cute project you finished...and colorful.

  30. I did wonder how you'd managed a visit to the Beetroot Tree. Great place too but having read two posts.... I now understand. lovely projects...
    Must say that things are calming here but we did get it badly for 4 nights. Police have been amazing and it is good how the general public has reacted so strongly and communities are working together to clean up.
    It is mainly in city centres so there has been no sign of trouble in the residential suburbs.
    JoZarty x

  31. Your little house is gorgeous. I am thinking Christmas fabrics full of sweeties?!!
    As for the riots - don't get me started! Round them up and send them to Afghanistan and bring our boys home!! That will teach them some respect!


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