Saturday, 10 March 2012

As Quiet As....

I am in a swap and we are making a little felt book with the theme 'As quiet as...'.  Each of us makes 9 felt pages with little sewn ATC's on it.  So, those who know me will be asking why I joined!!  Sewing is not one of my strong suits... I can play with paper for hours but give me a needle and thread and the enthusiasm really doesn't compensate for the lack of skill, but I did my best and when I was little my parents told me that 'doing your best' was good!!
So here are the nine pages in felt!
and I chose 'as quiet as... a flutterby's flight' and even did that blanket stitch thing around the edges!!  Only 3 edges you ask?  Well, there are two reasons for that... one is lazyness... do you know how hard it is to turn a corner using blanket stitch? ;) and the other is more practical... I am thinking that when it comes to bind the pages into one book that less fatness on the bound edge will be a good.  (that's my story, and I am sticking to it)!!


  1. These are gorgeous, Annette!

  2. I agree about the three sides, mostly from a binding standpoint. I'm never sure how a person will bind their swap item, so it's always best to leave that edge plain. Having said that, I'm incredibly impressed with your lovely flutterbies, as well as your sewing.

  3. Sewing should be the same as paper crafting. Perfection would be nice but only G*d is perfect so your best work is your best work. Your pages are really beautiful and anyone would be delighted to have one of them in their book.

  4. I would have the same story and I would stick to it too...only you are braver than me, I would never enter anything that required using a needle and thread!

  5. What pretty pages Annette.

    Toni xx


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