Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I got Mail!!!

I went downstairs to the foyer this morning and checked the mailbox and I had a parcel!!!
with fabulous US stamps on it... and not one of them is franked... so maybe Elizabeth wants me to send them back to her instead of using them in my scrapping?  LOL  
Inside Elizabeth has sent me some of her lovely hand  made papers and the most stunning collection of her rusted linens... 
They are wonderful... I have wanted some of these for so long and lovely Elizabeth has given me an amazing assortment to play with, thank you, I will have great fun finding ways to incorporate them into a journal or mini book!
I have been apartment living for 3 weeks now and two left to go before I fly home to Scotland on 29th August... I have to admit I started to get a bit antsy with not having anything to play with and then realised that Scrapbookers Paradise is over the road from the apartment block!!  wooo hooo!  I know, a very dangerous situation given that I have only suitcase space but yesterday I took a walk over to partake of one of their tag classes...
This is the tag I made... it was great to get inky and have a play!!  I think I will pop over to the card class tomorrow... it should ward off any stir craziness!!
and this is what I look up and see when I go to make a cup of tea... yes, Tom-Tom is also a little stir crazy and has taken to the top kitchen cabinets in an effort to find an exit route I may have overlooked... ;)


  1. wow, only 2 more weeks till you go home...I am sure that seems like an age but at the same time a blink...Poor Tom tom

  2. I was starting to feel sorry for you living without your crafty goodies until I read on ... that shop is probably going to save your sanity :) Poor Tom-Tom - apartment living is not for him, I'd say. What happens to the cats when you fly home - I'm assuming they can't travel with you ... will they have to go into quarantine before they are allowed to stalk Scottish mice? Enjoy your happy post. Elizabeth (the other one) xx

  3. The tag is lovely Annette - so glad you have found somewhere you can go and 'play'. Bet you can't wait to be able to use all those goodies from Elizabeth.

    Poor Tom-tom.

    Not long to go then before you come do realise you are travelling on the opening day of the Paralympics.

    Toni xx

  4. B&E is th BEST - please help me persuade her to come over to the uK next year _ I will drive her aroudn and lodge/feed her in England coudl you do a Scottish leg so to speak??? I knwo Jo will do her a liverpool long weekend...


    are we meeting Sept??? eh eh???

    h ah haaa

    are you doing luggershall in Oct??

    eh eh??

    cannot WAIT to meet you ( no performance pressure there then)

    also - read the legend on your fab tag,

    and it made me think of

    "the first time ever I saw your face' and I get goosepimples, because it is EXactly how I feel when I see my Niall...


    see I'm a soft sqiushy really


  5. ooh how lovely of Elizabeth to send those fabulous linens, looking forward to seeing what you make with them.


  6. Whoo HOO. It made it on time. Or at least before you packed up to leave. I'm simply thrilled.

    As much as I would LOVE those stamps back, I insist that you use them in your own art. And of course, I purposely kept the package as flat as possible so you could still get your bloomers in your suitcase (grin).

    I was offline yesterday because I went tree shopping with Sally. I really liked that tag and wondered if you embossed the heart. Looks like a lovely sentiment on that tag, too. As the queen of overembellishing (grin), this one looks like it was right up your alley!

    I laughed so hard when I saw Tom-Tom. Now THAT was funny!!

  7. What a wonderful package you received! I love the rust stained fabric and think I would like to try some of it in my quilting! BTW, if you are taking the cats back home with you may I recommend Animal Couriers? They are fabulous, come highly recommended, and take care of everything along the way! (This is, of course, not a paid promotion.) They serve pets and owners worldwide, and can be found here:
    ~ Lynda

  8. Sounds like you can't wait to get back your goodies!! Lucky to have someone to play close by though.

    Was also wondering about the kitties are they going to have to go through quarantine??


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