Friday, 29 June 2012

Such a bad blogger...

but if I don't have anything crafty to show I feel like I have stolen your time without good cause!!
We do have somewhere to live after the keys get handed over on the house though!! You see, they haven't released Chris yet but the people who bought our house would like us to move out.... which seems reasonable!! So this is the photo of where we will go for a few weeks.... not my normal type of abode so it should prove to be interesting to see how I like 'high rise living'!!  Pandy and Tom-Tom will have a wonderful view of city life from their new home!! 

When I was in Michaels last week I found this... it was $23 reduced to $8.... well, it would have been rude to leave it there for that price, wouldn't it?
It's for needlework but when I saw it I just knew it would be perfect for keeping all my waxed threads and pokey tool and needles for bookbinding!
All sorted and in one place!!
and these fell in my basket too... reduced to $6 each!!!!  Yes please!! ;)  Gee, I am going to miss Michaels when I go home... 


  1. That bag is super Annette and I'm sure you'll find even more bargains before you have to leave Michael's behind LOL

    Certainly not your normal type of living quarters...not sure I could live in a high-rise. I don't even like visiting our head-office as it is 20-odd floors high.

    Toni xx

  2. Yes, you are. I cannot console you. Gee I MISS Michael's and I've only ever been to one twice!!

    Happy High Rise living...not long now!

  3. No I love to read your blog even when you haven't any wonderful crafty creations to show us so don't stop.

  4. Don't forget to photo the views too! That bag is just perfect for the purpos thereof and a fab colour to boot.

    If I ever go on a holiday where there is a Michaels I hust know I'll need freight for my purchases home!

  5. Timmie's boxes.. wow.. AmAzing price... stock up as the UK price around £10.00 for the small one.. Hope the high rise life is ok for you!! I was in Calgary last year... and I still miss Michaels and I was just there on hols... (lol) Hugs May x x x


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