Thursday, 16 August 2012

A card...

Today I woke up to sunshine and there was a class at the scrap shop to make a card... fine, that will do nicely, at least I am making something!!  I also learned a cool resist technique with PVA glue which I will definitely use again.
I am going back on Saturday for another class... it keeps me out of mischief and the expensive nail salons!! ;)
A few people have asked if the two cats have to do quarantine when they go home to the UK.  Luckily for them, no.  In January of this year the UK changed its rules and now if you have up to date and rabies vaccinations on them they can get in without any problem.  There is still a boatload of forms and stuff so I would always use a pet relocation company, because they do it all the time and know what boxes to tick and forms to have ready.  I would hate to overlook something and the two cats be refused entry or put in quarantine because their paperwork is not right!! :(  
The cats were supposed to be on the same flight as us but it didn't work out that way... so they leave the same day but on Air Canada to Heathrow and we leave on KLM via Amsterdam.  We will be home before them so can get their beds and litter tray ready and then drive back to the airport to pick them up in the evening.  Then they can start investigating home... we have had them 3 years but they haven't actually ever seen our home in Scotland because they flew straight from Saudi Arabia to Canada.  I am sure they will love it.... ok, maybe not the rain... or the wind... but I am sure they will love it!! LOL


  1. Absolutly gorgeous card! I love all the vintage stamped images!

  2. Beautiful card Annette.

    I love it when you learn something new at these sorts of classes.

    Toni xx

  3. have cats - will travel. I wonder if there's any other pets 'travelled' so widely. LOL.

    I'm so glad they're comning home with you.

    Good luck Annette.

  4. Beautiful card! I'm sure your cats will have fun exploring and will consider anyplace you are home!

  5. That's a great card, and the nail salons are going to miss your business as a result (grin).

    I've created that very same technique before. It's somewhere on my "tutorials" page. Yours is much nicer than what I've made, though. I love how you incorporated the thread on the holder. The colors match perfectly, too.

  6. I forgot to mention how glad I am to read that you are using a service for the cats. I'm sure Pandy and Tom-Tom will love it wherever you are. I know Bleubeard won't let me out of his sight when I go away for a day or two. Clingy is the word I would use!

    How long will you be in Amsterdam? Long enough for a photo op, or just long enough to catch your next flight?

  7. Delightful creation, love the romantic and elegant vintage look, really an eye candy!
    Hugs Anja


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