Sunday, 19 August 2012

And it was a mini book today!

I am actually liking this living across the road from the scrap shop... popped in there today to do a mini book class and don't laugh... out of all the mini books I have made, I have never done one using paper bags!!  I know, how this oversight could possibly have happened is a complete mystery to me too!!
This is the front 'cover'... which is a paper bag, it was fun, quick and turned out cute!!
First set of pages
Second set of pages with pockets and tags
and the larger tags that go inside the paper bag pages...
Ideal for a quick present!!
On the way back from the scrap shop I have to cross Macleod Trail. That is a test of the nerves let me tell you, I always cross on the lights as its a highway with two sets of 4 lanes of traffic and someone in their wisdom thinks you can get across 8 lanes in about 23 seconds... the red hand turns to the little walking man and you start crossing the first four lanes and then the red hand starts flashing at you again which makes you put on a burst of speed for the next four lanes!!  
There is a short cut to my apartment block which saves you walking all the way around the mall of shops, it is tree lined on one side and has the back of the take away shops on the other...(and honestly, if you ever visited the back of take aways you might think again about visiting the fronts)  this afternoon I headed toward the short cut, following a young woman.  She glanced nervously over her shoulder and picked up speed... so I walked a bit faster too... she glanced back again and picked her pace up a notch... I looked back and could see nothing but also proceeded to pick up my pace.... I blame my son... visions of zombies in my brain.... the woman was now in a full trot and I was wondering if my little legs would last and then I turned into the cut for the apartment block.... I haven't a cookin clue what was chasing us but it sure scared the bejeebers out of me!! ;)


  1. Are you sure it wasn't YOU that the girl in front was scared of ?!!!!

    Mini book is fab, and I truly can't believe that you have never made a paper bag album - they're my fave type of album !

    You take care crossing that highway xxx

  2. What a pretty book Annette - I haven't used paperbags for ages (I think I still have a box of them lurking in a cupboard somewhere LOL).

    So nice to hear you are maintaining your crafting 'fixes' whilst in this sort of between locations lovely to have a shop just across the road that does classes.

    Toni xx

  3. Beautiful little book! I can't believe it is a paper bag!

  4. You were probably what she was running from, especially as you kept pace with her...well that is what would have happened here any way in my neck of the woods! And as for how fast the person setting the green man can cross...he must have been an octopus and lived here too cos our green man makes you think you were seeing things that he was ever on and then to add to it, they give cars the right to turn too and here they just use you to aim at! Tis fun and games I tell you to get across safely!

    Oh and your mini book is great too!

  5. Great book. If you want to do more paper bag books don't forget to bring a selection home as they are very difficult to get hold of in the UK.


  6. Love your book,oooooooo you'll be doing loads now,will look forward to a tutorial!!!!!?????

    Laughed my head off at the running,I could just "see"it all unfolding,hee-hee still giggling

  7. One of the first books I made was a paper bag book. I was in a swap with a lady and the theme was white. I had just had the pleasure of meeting her when I was in CA (in 2005) and I asked the stewardess for several of their white "barf bags." She generously accommodated me, as my friend Sally (whose son flew both of us first class to CA for Christmas) sat in morbid disbelief at my brashness. Back then, she didn't realize how cheap I was. The lady gave me five white "barf bags" and when I got home, I proceeded to make my little book for my new friend. All my pages are made with these bags. I even left the "ties" on the bags and alternated them so one side of each would have room for tags.

    Yours is very impressive. I really lie those corners you used. Very nicely done.

    You suggested using thread for applying the buttons. In my experience, thread is not heavy enough. You need the wire to keep the buttons sort of aligned. You can use thread if you run a blanket stitch through the holes and add a bead, but it's just not heavy enough for buttons.

  8. Thanks for the smile re the journey home. Great paper bag book - does not look at all like paper bags.
    Hugs, Neet x

  9. hi, your work is absolutely gorgeous:) found my way here while researching Fairy doors. your note books are stunning.xx


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