Saturday, 25 August 2012

Counting down the days...

Four more days to do and then it's going home time!!  Yesterday was get the cats claws cut day... yes, it was pretty traumatic.  TomTom totally behaved himself and let the vet trim his claws and do his check up without any bother but.... Pandora didn't.  LOL  The vet was super impressed with her ability to climb straight up the walls and bounce around the room like the demonic kitty she can be.... ;)  In the end they caught her in a box and gassed her... poor Pandy!!  But she got her nails trimmed and passed her medical so they are both good to go for their flights next week.
This is them in their carriers prior to going to the vet... look at that little face asking what the heck was going on!!
I did get some bad news yesterday about their flight... it seems that British Airways, in their infinite wisdom, expect animals to be at the cargo warehouse FOUR HOURS prior to their flight, so they can't get on the flight we booked and planned and will have to overnight in Heathrow and get a plane up to Aberdeen the next morning.  Now how can that be pet friendly and caring?  I expect more from a nation of animal lovers... 4 hours?  Why would anyone want to force little animals to be shut up without food in a carrier any longer than absolutely necessary?  So a flight that takes 1 and half hours becomes some mega trip of stress... and this is after they just spent 11 hours on a flight from Calgary to Heathrow and three hours getting their paperwork and chips checked.  Pffft to BA and their thoughtless cruelty.  I did ask if they would be allowed to jump the queue and get seen quickly because they have an onward flight (and being that their trip is costing me $3500.00 I figured they should get some benefits other than being shut in a cargo hold of a plane) but they said no.  I am not impressed.... :(  So with us not being able to fly with them (because BA were $2000.00 more expensive than KLM for our business class tickets) and now this... I will be just glad to get home and then fetch them.

Pandy isn't one for playing nice when the camera comes out... she's a bit like a toddler that has to walk up close to the lens and stare inside... so when she is in the mood, it's fun to get some good pics of her!!
I had stripped the bed and carefully placed the duvet on the floor in the corner (ok... I threw the duvet in the corner) and the next thing I notice is a little miss looking very royal and comfy...
then she found the bathroom mirror... 
and a new friend to play with...

who was quite the copy cat!

and posed nicely for the camera...

but kept checking up on the new friend...


  1. What an ordeal your cats will have to go through. I hope all goes well with them and your flight, too!

  2. Lovely photos Annette but not good news for your poor fur babies. Hope things go smoothly despite the delays.

    Toni xx

  3. fab pics,do hope your cats are ok after their marathon journey,have a safe trip home,x

  4. Pandy doesn't look like she's making a friend in that mirror. More like an adversary. Look at those ears in her last photo. That says it all!

    I cannot believe this is happening to you and the cats. It would be different if it were YOU having the wait, but those poor cats, who can't understand, can't eat, can't use a restroom, and can't do the things we humans can do to pass the time of day. I hope you don't have to clean a lot of mess out of their cages, but I fear you will, since no one is going to take them to the toilet. I'm not sure what the answer is, because I don't think any knock out pills will last as long as these cats would have to be out. My heart goes out to both Pandy and Tom-tom. I hope things go more smoothly when they go to their next location after Scotland!

  5. I wish you and your cats a safe return to Scotland. What a pity BA are being so bureaucratic about this, bet if you were 'a celebrity' it wouldn't happen!! Remember to wear your woolies, its getting colder by the day here :( good luck x

  6. Poor poor cats so much they had to go through to get home,wonderful book in your previous post, thaanks for sweet comment on my blog.

  7. Oh poor kitties :( I'm guessing by the date it must be over with now so I hope they and you are recovering from the journey.

    I just popped by to say thank you for your lovely words about the blanket my sister made, I'm still unpacking it and showing any unfortunate soul who happens through our front door :) Another lovely blogger has since made bubba a little knitted black and purple skull & cross bones hat to come home in. He's going to be the most spoilt cool dude there ever was :)

  8. I do hope that all survived the trauma of all the way home with separate journeys and now comfortably settled back in residence x

  9. I have been AWOL for too long and missed all of this. So sorry this had to happen with TomTom and Pandora - what a damned shame. I thought we were a nation of animal lovers too. That is downright cruel. Did they have to sit in their own mess? Poor little darlings.
    Glad they survived and Pandora looks adorable in those photos.
    Hugs, Neet x

  10. Poot kitties, but I can see from your recent post they arrived safe and sound. Fabulous photos. I expect to see them scrapbooked soon! Well, maybe not that soon!

  11. What an ordeal for the wee beasties ! I hope you make the airlines life hell and pay for there non support.
    I am glad to see they did make it safely home.


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