Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Spring has Sprung in Oz

Spring has sprung!  I went for a lovely walk up my road this morning before it got too hot and humid and the scent of flowers was heavy in the morning air. 
 The jacarandas are in full bloom and starting to carpet the ground with purple flowers.

 This looks like poinsietta to me... though I am no expert!

 This is the childrens' play park across the road, with sails to keep the sun off and jacarandas blooming behind.
 The frangipani trees are just coming into leaf, I can't wait to see them in flower.
 Hibiscus tea anyone?

 Close up of the jacaranda blooms... such a pretty flower.
 These weird orange casings have black berries inside... think the lorikeets are going to be happy!
 More jacaranda

 No idea what these berries are... decided against eating them... ;)

 My single lemon is hanging in there... and looks a little yellower!
and my favourite flower bloomed in my garden, bird of paradise.


  1. wow-za!
    you have the heavy scent of flowers, jacarandas in full bloom and glorious flowers everywhere?
    we have overcast skies, and shorter days, and brown dead-headed leftover flowers of summer. but the air is getting crisp, and the sunsets are glorious, still. . . . oh, well, i guess that is just the way the world goes round and round, right?
    none the less, enjoy your season!

  2. LOL - I forgot you were in Brizzy and then the first photo of the jacaranda brought it all back - I was out crafty bargain shopping this morning and they are just glorious - I don't like when they are on the ground and get all yukky though... Happy WOYWW - hugs Mxx #33

  3. Those flowers are gorgeous, enjoy the sunshine x

  4. Beautiful photos Annette.

    That looks like a poinsettia to me too - it always seems strange seeing things that I think of as house plants growing outside.

    Toni xx

  5.'re very naughty because you've included so many of my favourite things about living in Australia in your post!
    I have so many similar photographs of the Jacarandas, Frangipani (heartbroken still for having to leave mine behind) hibiscus...the list goes on!
    I can even feel the warmth radiating from the screen just looking at these. I think that is a poinsietta by the way (another I left behind...sob sob...)
    Okay I've got to leave now before I start to check out flights back!
    Thanks for taking me with you on your walk and I'm sorry I blubbered all the way round...I'll try to suck it up next time ;D
    Enjoy your spring (I'm off to find my thermals!!!) :(

  6. Do you know I actually think I could live there...even with all the scary creepy crawlies. What beautiful flowers.
    A x

  7. Beautiful stroll A, I needed that. The jacaranda are awesome aren't they. I agree over the poinsettia...they grow 'wild' like that in the canaries too, in massive numbers, quite amazing when you consider how hard we work to force a red leaf!!!

  8. Thanks for the journey Annette - wish I was walking with you as it is raining here. Mind you we cannot grumble as we have had much nicer weather than England is used to this year.
    I think it is a poinsettia - definitely. Love all the different colours you have shown us, enjoy the sunshine and the pretty flowers whenever you can and then craft in the coolness of home later.
    (No WOYWW today?)
    Hugs, Neet xx 23

  9. Oh thanks for your guided tour of Oz all nice and warm, whilst here in Wales it is what the Scottish call "dreich" I believe. Yep - damp, wet, cold and miserable!
    Those plants look beautiful.

  10. I enjoyed all the beautiful flowers! It will be so nice to visit your blog when we are experiencing cold weather and snow!

  11. It' still hot here, at least by my standards (high 80s F, nearly 30 C) and it's supposed to be autumn in my hemisphere. I'm still running my AC most of the day.

    I love the looks of your springtime. It's all so beautiful and the only flowers I've heard of (and seen in person) are the poinsettia and the bird of paradise. None grow in my part of the country, although I have had both in pots in the past.

    Can't wait to see what you do with that ONE lemon. I bet you have something special planned.

    BTW, your post really brightened my day.

  12. You really do have spring where you are, it is really cold and raining here in Melbourne but getting better on the weekend I hope. Beautiful tour of your streets.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 20

  13. Such fun to see what's blooming in your neck of the woods
    WOWEE it's all gorgeous and so exotic looking says the girl from the east coast of the US where autumn leaves are starting to turn
    Happy Spring to ya!!!

  14. Hi again Annette - my pens yes they are all in the yellow range - 13 of them anyway plus a black & a blender pen... I have used them now and they work great but I of course will have to get some more colours very soon... thanks for popping over - hugs Mxx WOYWW #33

  15. Oh, such lovely photos. Happy Spring!


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