Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Window and the Wallet...

This is the little window I used to have in the scraproom...
The new window is in and it makes such a difference to the room... so much lighter and it will be lovely to sit at the desk and work with this in front of me...
and if I am sitting this is the view I have... 
so my friend, Sarah, who lives across the road from me, asked me if I could make something to hold the birthday treats she had planned for her husband, Bob.  I thought this wallet I found on Pinterest was a great idea...
The inside has cardstock 'credit cards' with the details of the weekend away, the restaurants etc that she has arranged...
It was good to sit and make something... now I just need to organise my time so I can do something everyday!!  I have hurt my wrist.... its a repetitive movement injury from repeating the same mouse movement when I scanning all the old slides/transparencies... maybe should have taken it in smaller doses instead of trying to do it all at once.... :(


  1. The window looks great Annette - so much more light.
    The wallet is a super idea and I love the finish you have given it.
    Take it easy with the wrist and rest it well - hope it eases quickly as I know you will be wanting to spend time by your new window.
    Toni xx

  2. Holy cow, Annette. The views from your window are divine. I wish I had your landscape. It is simply STUNNING. When I saw the post, I thought you were going to tell us the window drained your wallet (grin).

  3. Love the view - excellent for crafting. My window looks out to an identical window next door where my neighbour has her fitness room. She has a blind on the window so that she doesn't scare me too much.

  4. Wow that is a wonderful difference isn't it. Love that the chandelier didn't get lost in the increase! I can't tell you how useful it is to gaze out at the garden when procrastinating!!

  5. I thought your window was going to cost a fortune too! Much better light for your room and I'm sure neighbour's hubby will love his gift.

  6. Great window, gives you loads of light now. Hope your wrist gets better soon.

  7. Your new window looks great and now you can get totally distracted from what your doing staring out the window! I'd find myself looking out and spotting weeds lol. I too have a great window in my craft room but it's in the attic so I can't spot weeds from up here lol. I love your wallet too, great idea. Happy window gazing. :D x

  8. Sorry to hear about your hand - I have a sore leg (too much sun on something that is not good to start with) so we are a couple of injured soldiers at the moment.
    Love your new window and as you said, what a lovely aspect to look out on.
    The wallet is fantastic - but then you are so good at making things. I am putting lots of bits in my FS book that you made me. Love it!
    Hugs, Neet xx

  9. wow that new window makes such a difference. x

  10. That window is can't beat good light for crafting. Love that wallet too! Not sure how I've missed your blog..but it's on my hit list now!


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