Saturday 14 March 2009

I'm back online again...

Had a few problems getting the internet to play nicely in the new house, but it did mean that I had no alternative but to get the boxes unpacked, stuff put away and everything in its place!! ;)
Just a few days and we will be heading home to Scotland for our leave.... I'm asking my friend Sarah to get the smoked streaky bacon and bread all bought and in the fridge ready for me so that I can get the grill going and have a bacon sarnie as soon as I arrive home!! Mmmmmm... yummmmm!

This is the mode of transport they appeared with to move us with.... I have to admit.... I was totally unimpressed to have my belongings plonked onto the back of a flatbed truck without so much as a canvas to cover them.... I mean what did they think I was a hill billy? Anyways, everything arrived in one piece and nothing got lost or broken so I guess that makes it ok?? ;)

Our first night in the new house and we had the most glorious sunset to look out upon...

This is the beach at the new compound.... and of course that sign doesn't say no photography allowed!!!

So this is the new place... be it ever so humble... its home for now!!

Tuesday 3 March 2009

On the Move Again...

Well, after 5 months of living in the villa on the beach, we are moving again... down the road to another compound called Pearl Beach. Its a smaller house and I can't see the sea... but the beach with its own coral reef is just a five minute walk away so I don't think I'll moan too much! LOL I'll certainly miss Odie and Efty, my neighbours, we have become very close and spend large chunks of the day in each others houses... well, that's me in theirs... Odelia makes frothy coffee in the morning and I pop in to chat and drink mine, then in the afternoon, Brigette makes frothy coffee and I pop in to hers to imbibe and chat!! Heck its a hide life being an expat wife!! ;)

This is a gatefold album I made for Brigette about her two boys. Cosmo Cricket papers, which are perfect for the theme and I used the Zutters rivets on the closure and the back to make little feet for the book to rest on. I love hammering those things... its so satisfying!

These are a set of three books I made for us girls as a keepsake of the good fun and friendship we have enjoyed in the past few months. Used Luxe and Daisy D's papers in black and white with red as the accent colour - definitely one of my favourite colour combos.

We had a dressing session and tried on the hijab just to see what its like... what a hoot - even Chris couldn't pick me out from the 3 photos (even though I am the only one with blue eyes)!!

I must admit, its one of the things that occured to me when I first came here... once these women are totally covered up... how the heck do their husbands or kids know who is who in the chaos of the supermarket... Chris said I had to keep my cellphone on me, if I got lost he would call me and he would take the one home that was ringing.... Well, one day I was abayah clad and standing in line at the supermarket check-out and I felt this little tug at my abayah... looking down there was this tiny little chap hanging on to my black abayah for dear life... obviously believing that he was holding onto his Mum... imagine his expression when he finally looked up and met my smiling face looking down at him!! I sort of pointed him the direction of another black abayah before he screamed blue murder and he went off and clutched onto her instead!!