Wednesday, 30 June 2010


In reality it is more 'what is not on your workdesk Wednesday' as the air shipment went yesterday and now I have had a chance to tidy up the scraproom and sunlounge!!  Yahoooo... just a shame I don't have any time to sit in there and make it a little untidy and create something but we leave for Calgary this Saturday and there are still other rooms to clean up first!!  But... you can see that I added my Big World buys to the walls either side of the window and the lamp one at the side of my desk.  Look kinda cute don't they?
This is the sun lounge now that all the boxes have been unpacked and re-packed!
Between the chairs you can see the printer's tray that I started a couple of years ago and haven't been home to finish... so it will have to wait a couple more years...
This is the printer's tray... yep, definitely neds some work!!

This is one that I did finish and it hangs on the sun lounge wall.
looking out from the scraproom into my lounge... and now you can see where the photograph for my blog header came from!!  People that pop in for the first time have one of two reactions... total wonder or completely freaked out.
Either side of the French doors at the bottom are the two stands that I bought in Saudi Arabia 'for my masks to stand on' and people really didn't get it... but now you can see... they are perfect for them!
I am now off to see what everyone is else to in the WOYWW world... my next post will be from Canada!!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

I am buried under stuff and stash...

Humungous apologies at not updating the blog for so long... life, travelling half way round the world and my PC being in the shipment had something to do with it!!  But... I am home in Scotland and my shipment from Saudi has arrived and is now unpacked... so I am in the process of re-packing it minus the stuff I don't need!

I was hoping to be able to do what is on your workdesk Wednesday but it was still 'where is your workdesk Wednesday' so I figured it would be best to give it a miss till I sort that lot out!

The dining room has taken on the appearance of an internet cafe... probably because there is no room in the scraproom or the study to put a laptop down!
Oh and when someone says to you 'where do you want this'? and you answer 'in the bedroom'.... this is what happens!

but we are having some lovely sunny days and the garden is looking great, if you ignore the weeds that need to be pulled... hopefully we will get to sit our in it before we leave... just need to get some packing done first!!