Tuesday 23 December 2014

T is for Tuesday....

with the lovely Bleubeard and Elizabeth!
I borrowed my son's Christmas Starbucks mug for the occasion... hopefully it looks festive on my newly installed kitchen worktops... just in time for me to cook Crimbo dinner! Yay!
Oh and you can see what Chris brought back from the Netherlands with him on Thursday... Stroopwaffels... yummmmmm....
Quick photo of the finished kitchen... phew!!
and here is Pandy with her crinkle Crimbo hat bed.... because I can never get her to wear reindeer antlers or a Santa hat like other pet owners.... this is it for Crimbo cuteness from her!! LOL
So without further ado, I would like to wish one and all a wonderful Christmas filled with love and happiness, good company, good food, and fun times.  
I am off to the supermarket for the brussel sprouts so will be back in an hour or two to visit everyone.

Saturday 20 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

The kitchen is finished, the new worktops are fitted and my taps have running water and I have a hob to cook on....and only just in time too!  Phew.... and it only took 16 weeks.... and no, if I had known how long it would take and how stressful it would be to sort out the problems and issues we had, I would not have done it.... 
a bird's eye view... 
I am getting used to the lighter colour of the worktops and actually like them!
the new sinks because they cracked the sink in the last worktop when they installed it, so I went with two smaller ones this time round.  The large one was supposed to be on the righthand side but I don't mind, its not a problem having them this way round, it just meant that the plumber had to rework all the pipes and connections for the insinkerator and stuff when he came to connect me up!
Breakfast bar looking into the kitchen...
So that is it.... yay!  Now I can cook Christmas dinner!! 
Happy dance.... happy dance....

Wednesday 10 December 2014


Hello deskers!  This is on my desk this chilly dark morning, finally finished it last evening and can now wrap and it and get it out of the way.  
The pocket envelope book for Ruth to keep her correspondence in.
The pockets are a decent size as I kept the width of the 12 x 12 patterned papers so they have ended up a good 12 x 6 pocket.
Printed some quotes about friendship and letter writing and attached them to the pocket fronts.
Lots of washi tape and stamping.

I didn't add loads of embellishments because I thought once the pockets were filled with bits and pieces the whole thing  would be fat enough without the added bulk.
Stamping and the odd flat embellie.

I added a pocket on the front to keep her stamps.
and made her a matching notepad to keep track of letters or addresses and things.
and my tree is up and looking very festive... its beginning to feel quite Christmassy now... except I have managed to catch a cold and feel like a big fuzzy headed sub-human... I am trying to give it away.... any takers?

Wednesday 3 December 2014


Good grief, the days are disappearing at a rate of knots on the one hand... my being ready for Christmas seems to be escaping me at every turn and waiting for the replacement worktops for my kitchen seems to be taking so darn looooong... they are 'hoping' to have them ready to install on the 17th December... which is worrying as it doesn't really leave much in the way of margins to make this a total disaster... and let me tell you, since September I have spent way too much time without worktops and a sink and tap and hob.... especially when originally it would all take 7-10 days.... yeah... they just didn't specify that those 7 - 10 days might have weeks dispersed through them!! ;)
Anyways... enough of my moaning... you aren't here for that but to see my workdesk on this chilly frosty December morning!  I am working on a large envelope style book... it is a work in progress at the moment... which I am making for the same lady that I had a gift wrapped for her birthday last week... she liked her scarf... was totally appreciative and enjoyed the lunch I treated her too but she loved that envelope style packaging I wrapped her gift in... LOL... no, honest, she hugged it to her chest with glee because it had her name on it.... and told me she was going to use to keep her letters in....
So for Christmas I am making her an envelope book to keep her letters in, and a section for postcards and another for notelets and another for bits and bobs and writing paraphanalia... you get the idea?  This is the front cover... it is supposed to look like an airmail letter.... 
oh and look what I got!!  From Toni aka Misteejay, my first Christmas card and the most beautifully hand knitted scarf you could wish for...  thank you so much Toni, it is wonderful!!
and I got this in the Black Friday sales... online... I didn't leave the house to battle the people in the street... so now I have a fabby new printer and can print things again!!  Yay!!!