Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spring Cleaning the 'Pooter

My Mum gave me all the family photos, slides and cine some years ago but because I was always on an overseas assignment I never had the opportunity to sit and get them all organised as I have never wanted to ship them overseas in case they got lost.  I have the family cinefilms dating back to 1967 so have sent them off to be converted to digital format so that I can share with my brothers once more.... it will be interesting to see what comes back as I cannot really remember a lot of them at all! 
I have spent weeks scanning and converting all my Dad's old transparency slides to digital myself and have just finished getting them all into folders designating the year/holiday/event and then describing each one naming the people in it.... at least I have learned one lesson from scrapbooking for years and that is give the facts or the photos just end up being of a load of people the next generation has no clue about.  I'm hoping that my painstaking work over the last month will mean they are relevant for a few more generations yet.... I can hope eh? LOL
Now I need to sort all the digital photos I have on my PC.... which is a lot... no really, its going to take some time to sort them all out into years, country, assignment etc.... I will be back....