Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Yay... I finally have something on my work desk that is scrapping... rather than organising and building towards the scrap room.  Its a box and I have to make a mini book to go inside yet... its a gift for someone so I will show you the finished product later.
Still tweaking the room, managed to find some chairs, one for my computer desk and four for the big table for visitors which were only $20 each in Walmart.  I have a few friends (and friends of friends) that are waiting for the finish and can come and have fun in the basement with me!!
I also spotted the cutest clock... perfect for a scrap room wall, don't you think?  At the moment it is balanced on the magazine rack but Chris is going to put it on the wall for me this weekend.

We went to Ikea on Sunday morning for their $1 breakfast... at that price there is no way I am standing at the stove and making pancakes from scratch!!  Whilst there we poked about in the 'as is' section to see what bargains to be found and I saw this pile of black back splash acrylic things which I think are for kitchens and the light bulb in my brain lit up!! I bought four of them and they are perfect for the big table...
I am not sure they will replace cutting mats but it does look nice!

This is a great idea, just need to sit and fill up all the containers with my brads and stuff!
This is a great space saver too... I have tons of little bits for the mini books and now they are all in once place for me to spin and locate!
Thank you for dropping by, if you are wondering what the 'what's on your work desk Wednesday' is all about then please drop in on Julia, our worthy leader of the WOYWWs and you will find a huge list of desks to have a nosey about on!!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

WOYWW.... in fact.... three workdesks!!

Well, a shopping we went and luckily friends met us at IKEA with their truck as there was no way we would have got all the boxes in our car!!   It did take another trip the following day to complete the purchases as they were out of stock of a couple of things.

I love this desk... the $12.99 Ikea stand and a piece of Ikea kitchen worktop to finish it off and I love the look of it and the fact I can spread out my computer stuff.  So that is work desk number one and its got my 'puter on it!
My expedit and expedit desk from Ikea... and yes, there is quite a lot of 'stuff' piled up on it... I was at the sorting it into piles stage! So this workdesk number 2!
A few flat packs later and it is beginning to come together...
Isn't this a fab desk?  We bought two black small expedits and put the white door I bought on top of them... loads of room to teach on!! So this one makes it work desk number 3!!   That should help make up for all the weeks when I didn't have a work desk to show at all!!  LOL
Still putting things together... I adore that shelf... have seen them in scraprooms and always longed for one and  I got it in Michaels with a 40% voucher!!  Yahooooo! 
Found some word wall art in Michaels and had a play on the bulkhead above the big desk...
Added some of my fav purchases from Saudi Arabia on the walls - wall decor chandeliers and a table lamp.
So this is how it is looking today... still have a few pieces to put together and Chris is going to put them on the wall for me... and I still have to buy a computer chair.... not sure whether to go with a colour or stick to black..
So now I need to scrap for a while and figure out exactly where I want the stuff I use all the time... then I can ask Chris to fix to the wall the stuff that is waiting to go up!  I didn't want to make holes and then decide that the storage needed to be moved about...

And to show that I am not totally selfish... (LOL) I have kept this area for the television and an armchair will go down here tomorrow so that Chris can come down and watch TV and listen to music while I play... I know.... I was supposed to share the basement with him but he decided he liked the spare bedroom on the main floor so it alllllll mine!! ;)

I got round to having a play with the birdcage I bought for the high shelf at the top of the stairs... not sure this is an improvement on it or not!!  I have chained the door open so the little china bird can leave anytime it wants!!  When we moved into the house I found some books in Chinese in the garage and as I don't read a word of Chinese I didn't feel bad about scruffing it up and putting it in a cage!!  (If anyone does read Chinese and would like a copy of Lolita please just yell)!!
I hung some pearls and a key with a tag with freedom on it...
So here it is high up on its shelf... I added a clock to the wall.... what a nightmare it was getting it to hang straight!!  I don't really do heights and I must have been stick up there for a good hour sticking it on and removing it again before the bubble in the spirit level said 'OK' !!  I was exstatic about having my feet on terra firma once more and I think if anything else has to go on the shelf it will have to just go where ever I can reach!
So this is me for WOYWW this week so do pop on over to Julia and check up on the ever growing list of like minded peeps who have such a lot of fabby stuff on their work desks.  I didn't manage to get round all the list last week because I was busy being flat pack Queen most of the time, but I am going to try harder this week and maybe skip cooking dinner and get take-out instead!!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

WOYWW.... is getting nearer!

We are off to IKEA this evening to pick up Expedits etcetera for the scraproom.... and I can't wait!!  I have unpacked all the air shipment boxes and it is all now an absolutely horrendous mess down there and still no work desk to speak of, even though I do now have one of those as I found a bargain at IKEA of the metal stands for there work benches and it was reduced to a silly $12.99!!  The lovely glass tops to go onto it were over a $100 and I am not entirely sure that working on a glass work surface is the way to go... so I had a brain wave and went to the local DIY store and bought a white flat door for $37 and it is fab and huge and gives me loads of work space to spread out on.
So this is the basement as it is at the moment....

and that is all my scrappping stuff piled up on the floor...

So this is the section that I plan to use as my scraproom... you can see one of my impulse buys from Michaels on the floor that was 40% off.... that wall is about 6 feet wide so will take a big Expedit without difficulty and then I can have the long wall for desks and storage.... well, that's the plan anyways!!

and I even have my own toilet and sink down there.... great for washing brushes etc!

and here is all the paper I have unwrapped and in the background you can see the pile of boxes all flattened and waiting to be picked up by the shipment peeps.... who wanted to charge me $50 to collect it all!!  I don't think so.... they were paid to unpack the cartons and put it all away and as I did that part of the job they can collect the rubbish for free, thank you very much!! ;)
Hopefully next week I will actually have a work desk to show you... it very much depends on how many people I can bully into helping put all the flat packs together!! LOL  You can now go and have a look at all the wonderful work on work desks via our lovely Julia...

Monday, 9 August 2010

A bird in the hand...

When we were out shopping at the weekend I spied this bird cage in Sears and as it had 30% off I had to buy it... it will be perfect for the high shelf and wall at the top of the stairs that I had a play with last week!

OK... so Chris sort of looked at me oddly when I put it in the basket but I had seen one previously and it was $150.00 so at $49 less 30% it was a bargain!!  He still can't see why buying something I didn't need for a greatly reduced price was a great money saving enterprise....

These are the cupcake plates I found on eBay before I left Scotland... and they survived the journey!!  Aren't they cute?  I especially love the little individual ones for serving cupcakes.
I am hoping to make an IKEA trip later this week to buy Expedits for the scraproom!  I have my eye on a few bits and pieces so just need to measure up the basement and raid Chris' wallet and I could be scrapping soon!!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Just a quick update...

Its been a busy and pretty hectic couple of weeks but we have moved into the new house and most of my furniture shopping arrived on the correct date... minus a lounge suite so we had a couple of days of standing about instead of sitting watching TV!!

The cats like the new house too... Chris bought them this huge climbing frame thingy and they love it... its so tall they can look out of the windows and see the world go by...

The house is a bi-level (which you would imagine was a two level but its got a basement so its got 3 levels) and has these amazing vaulted ceilings which means you have these wonderful shelves in completely barmy places and scratch your scrapper's head wondering what to do with them.... well, one small corner is now sorted!!

The lounge is looking ok, the dining room is looking ok, the master bedroom is getting there... the scrap room is definitely a work in progress!!  Actually, its not even a work in progress as I haven't found any furniture for it yet so unpacking the stash boxes is a bit pointless until I have somewhere to put the stash!!

So that is what I have been doing... can't wait to be able to sit and scrap again...