Saturday 16 January 2010

Little Shoe and Bag

It is my neighbours birthday on Tuesday, the day I fly back to the UK for 2 weeks, so I thought I would have a go at a shoe template by Ellen Hutson I have had stored away for ages... you can find the template and instructions here, then made her a little card 'handbag.
I went outside the other night and saw the most amazing sunset, which tells me I have almost lived here in this house a year, as the first night we moved in here we also had a lovely sunset...

Anyways, we are going home for a couple of weeks, going to visit my son in the South of England, whom I haven't seen for 18 months, so that will be great, then off to do the other kids before driving north to Scotland...
So I'll update you all when I return... with new stash and my new toy... a Slice!!  :)

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Finished the other Circle book and Handbag!

Yep, in between teaching classes I managed to finish it with a few days to spare!!  I want to be able to take them back to the UK with me next Tuesday so that I can post them off to my Mum while I am home. 

I love the handbag charm dangling from the bag... it took me an hour to make that this morning... probably not a cost effective use of my time when I have a pile of ironing waiting to be done... but given the choice I will pick playing with beads over playing with my steam iron every time!!
Oh and if anyone has any influence with the weather... please put in a request for the snow to be gone before my plane lands in Heathrow Tuesday morning? 

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Friendship Mini Book

As promised, I photographed the mini book that the girls made for my birthday yesterday - it will be treasured for many years as a lovely reminder of our time together here in Jubail.

It seems that they have all been acting like secret agents or spies for a couple of months... I live facing the large central parking area in the compound and it is the cross over point for getting to most places... so they have all been taking detours and creeping up back ways to avoid being seen by me whilst completing their mission!!  LOL - well, it was definitely worth it, I love it.

Monday 4 January 2010

It's My Birthday and I'll...

eat cake if I want to!!  In fact, I did... eat cake, that is, and quite a lot of it!!  My friend Trudie made me a lovely chocolate cake for my birthday and my friend Ping bought me a really decadent cheesecake along with lots of lovely little chocolate sweet/cake thingies.... so I am all caked out!!  Eat cake now for tomorrow we may diet....  The girls who take mini book classes from me completely outdid themselves and made me the most fabulous mini book, each doing a page.  I'll photograph it in daylight tomorrow and show you... I must be a heck of a teacher or they must be excellent students... not sure which!! ;)

My Mum had two of her Granddaughter's to stay for Christmas and she asked me to make them a mini book each to put photos of thier holiday in so I have been busy getting the first one done...

I used K&Co Sera Sera papers and opted for one of my favourite designs.

This is the book opened up and viewed from the top.

This is the handbag to hold the mini book, I quite like the way its turned out.  Now I just need to get on and do the other one... similar so as not to cause arguments but different enough so that they are individual...