Wednesday, 31 March 2010

WOYWW or What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday...

and here we are at Wednesday again... and its been a slow week on my workdesk!  I did sit and make a little book in a box yesterday and this morning on my workdesk are some chipboard pieces that I am covering and sanding and inking to put on a chain and pop into the the box.

Here is the box that I am making the tags for... its much smaller than previous ones!
But the perfect size for two scented votive candles and a little tag book!
Oh and Pandora says that just because she is good and doesn't sleep on my workdesk shouldn't be a reason that she never gets on my blog.... so here she is asleep on my bed!!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Zutter Zister's Blog Hop!

The Zutter Zisters have loads of wonderful inspiration waiting for you on their blog hop... plus fabby giveaways!!

It all starts with dear old Nanny Goat - who is not old and not a goat, it's just what we affectionately call her!! Then it is off to see what the DT have got for you...

Camilla Isaakson from Sweden
Linda Elbourne from the UK
Sophie Sim from Australia
Fleur Smith from Canada
Lynne Forsythe from the USA
Pam Sandy from the USA
Shelley Hagenman from the USA
Sarah de Guzman from the USA

Remember to leave a comment telling them that you love Zutter, and you will be eligible to win a package of antique brass hang-it-alls, a package of antique silver hang-it-alls, and a Rivet Hammer/Setter Set. You have until the evening of March 29th, Monday, to leave a comment.... so what are you waiting for?   Get hopping!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


As you can see... there is not a lot going on with my desk today.... I took this photo before I left the house this morning to go to Al Khobar for some retail therapy!!  Zamiles, the 'scrapshop' in Al Khobar has a section where there is all sorts of lovely hardware bits and I wanted to stock up on them... plus get more double sided tape and I can never resist the lace and ribbons....
so this is the desk this afternoon after I returned with my haul!!  LOL I have rikrak and ribbon and lace and silk and strands of pearls and coloured wire and flowers and heaps of brass things that will look great once I have 'distressed' them a little!!
This is the dream box that I was in the process of making and filling last week. I have decided that I will put my wedding photos and memorabilia in it.
These are all the bits that I have filled it with so far... my wedding photos are still in the UK so its one of those 'will have to completed later' type of projects.
This is the narrower version I made as a class example and I used Time as the theme.
With the book inside - which also needs finishing off!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Birthday Blog Hop!!

Good Morning and Happy Blog Hopping.... oh and Happy Birthday Rebekah!!  Hope the new puppy hasn't christened too many carpets....
So... if you turned up here from Rebekah's blog, you will know what this is all about... of course, if you just happened upon me perhaps I should explain!!
Rebekah is celebrating her birthday with a blog hop with classes and tutorials and you really should check them out.... I have a list of things I want to try and am cursing the fact that I am teaching both the Saturday and Sunday of the blog hop and will have to spend the rest of the week catching up with all the lovely things I have seen and want to try.

To start your day off I thought I would give you a clipboard to play with, they are always handy things to have about the house and even make nice gifts! I have used some Amy Butler papers for this one, nice and bright and springlike... so hopefully your weather is the same.
First of all I centred the floral paper onto the clipboard and glued it down.  Then I made a frame from the striped paper.  The way to get lovely corners that totally match is to square the papers overlapping them at the corners.  It helps to use repositional Herma or similar to hold the corners in place.  Slice through both sheets of paper to form the join and then remove the two extra cut outs... your join is perfect.  Now you can use DST and a glue stick to adhere them to the clipboard.
Here is a close up of the corner, I added some buttons... and call me weird but if I use buttons on a project, I have to have thread in them!!
The chipboard flowers were some I had in a kit many moons ago... really lurid nasty colours, so I covered them in matching paper and then did some faux stitching to make them stand out.  OK... hands up... I would normally use rikrak for the flower stems but I couldn't find my pale blue rikrak... so I used pale blue velvet ribbon instead and it actually looks alright!! LOL  I added some little leaf shapes to the stems and then covered a cheapy notepad with matching papers and tucked it into the clip.
Hope you enjoy it.... the next blog to hop over to is Kate Hatfield's.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

WOYWW or What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday...

OK... somebody please make the world slow down just a wee bit?  Where are the days going and why don't I have enough time to do all the things I want to do?  (Apologies to all those wonderful scrappers that have jobs, have kids and other commitments and still find time to do everything)!  I used to be so organised time wise... I worked full-time, looked after my son, got the house cleaned and washing done and occasionally caught up with the ironing.... now I have long leasurely days to do what I wish and I never seem to have enough time to do half that stuff!!  (My Dad always said air fills a vacuum.... I think I know what he meant now)!! LOL
Did I finish the book that was on my desk last week?  Nope, it still needs a few pics and some tweaking but then I had to get on and do a couple of other projects which I can't show you yet... sorry!  Then the girls who scrap here decided they wanted to do my Book in a Box that looks like a Book class... but from chipboard like this one...
but... they didn't want it in that size!!  Nooooo, they wanted it bigger so I had to start all over and make a new one.... which is what is on my desk today!!   (See, I was going to get there in the end)!!

Well, the book part is on my work mat... and the box bit is to the left...

but I made the box too deep for a normal fatness book so I have changed my mind and it is now a Memory Box and I am filling it with all sorts of (s)crap.... you wanna see inside?

There are a couple of altered picture frames, a little teeny BIA tag book, a chipboard tag set of a bride and groom, a glass bottle filled with beads and a poem.... and the book on my desk, which should fill it nicely!!
Of course, I now have to make another one that is not so deep for the class.... harrumph!!
And because I have joined the clan of people lead by Julia, who cannot resist having a nose about in other peoples' scrap areas... I thought I would give you an insight into my drawers!!  LOL... my left hand drawer to be precise!!

I am right handed so all my tools are either at the back of my desk or in the drawer to my right... so this one has my inks and stuff in it.  I found the drawer dividers at Ikea and they fit brilliantly and keep stuff from becoming big heap mess!
I was in downtown Jubail a few days ago and found another store that is similar to Big World (be still my beating heart) and came across these small felt hats that have clips to fasten them to your hair... well, its not a look I would personally go for but I picked two up 'as having potential' for something....
Kinda cute eh?   So I made a handbag!!
Now all I need to do is make a shoe and the book to go into the bag and I think it will look cute on my scraproom shelves...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Birthday Blog Hop

My Scrap Sister teamie Rebekah is celebrating her birthday this weekend with a blog hop and you are all invited!!  It will be heaps of fun, loads of tutorials and I understand there may be freebies as well!!  So pop over to Rebekah's place and see when it is to start and have some scrapping fun!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Is it Wednesday again?  Where did that week go?  Wel, it's a beautiful morning here, bright sunshine and a cool start, obviously plans on warming up a bit as the day progresses!!  But, you aren't here for the weather report are you?  So here is what is on my desk at the moment... and has been for a couple of days now so perhaps I will actually get it finished today and can start on something new!  If you are wondering what I am rabbiting on about check out the Stamping Ground and see what is on lots of peeps desks today!

It's a mini book for my neighbour who is leaving at the end of the month.

and to the right of my desk I have a table that I use for cutting larger items and this is what is on it... Tom-Tom enjoying the sun shining through the blinds... not sure what he is laying on... hope it survives!!

Monday, 8 March 2010

A Little Retail Therapy...

I went into Jubail this morning and popped into one of my favourite shops, Big World.  Big World is sort of like a 99p shop but the stuff is better and the prices are lower! LOL I thought I had better stock up on ribbons and other bits before we leave here in a couple of months.

Look at all those lovely ribbons and flowers and threads... to be seen on a mini book near you soon!!
I love these bracelets... they look fab hanging off the spine of a mini book.
oooh, and I found these!!  Aren't they lovely?  Would have neither the skill or the patience required in making them so they are a brill find!!

I also found a set of three trunk type boxes which are going to be great in my scrap room at home and they are so pretty, I really don't have to do anythign to them!
I decided the biggest one was great for the ribbons I just bought!

Zutter's are giving away Hang-It-Alls Kits on the Bind It All blog, just a couple of days left to get your name down for a chance to win some!!  I haven't managed to get my mitts on any of these yet but they look like they will be heaps of fun for beyond the page stuff!  Leave  comment and you may win!!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


It's Wednesday!!  I am teaching the other half of the class on a mini book this morning and as I think most ladies will have done their homework and get it all completed by lunchtime I decided to put together a quick 'make and take' for them.... and that is what is on my workdesk this morning!!

Now don't laugh... the best thing to make little calendars with is beer mats.... but this is Saudi Arabia and I couldn't pop out to the nearest pub and cleftywollah a heap of them so I had to cut this little lot from a chipboard sheet!!  And the smaller ones.... and then corner round them all with my Round It All!!  Guess who has a sore wrist? 

Hope they like them, it will be a fun little thing to make anyways!!