Friday, 29 June 2012

Such a bad blogger...

but if I don't have anything crafty to show I feel like I have stolen your time without good cause!!
We do have somewhere to live after the keys get handed over on the house though!! You see, they haven't released Chris yet but the people who bought our house would like us to move out.... which seems reasonable!! So this is the photo of where we will go for a few weeks.... not my normal type of abode so it should prove to be interesting to see how I like 'high rise living'!!  Pandy and Tom-Tom will have a wonderful view of city life from their new home!! 

When I was in Michaels last week I found this... it was $23 reduced to $8.... well, it would have been rude to leave it there for that price, wouldn't it?
It's for needlework but when I saw it I just knew it would be perfect for keeping all my waxed threads and pokey tool and needles for bookbinding!
All sorted and in one place!!
and these fell in my basket too... reduced to $6 each!!!!  Yes please!! ;)  Gee, I am going to miss Michaels when I go home... 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Another Pinterest make...

This was so much fun to do... a canvas, a box of crayons and a hot gun... mind you, I was pretty cheap about it as the canvas was a dollar store buy and first of all I went for the box of Crayola crayons which were  about $6 but then I found a 'no name' box for $1.50 for 64 crayons!!  As I had no idea how successful of not this was going to be I decided to go with the cheapy ones and they melted just fine!!
My son has decided that it is 'cool' enough to go on his apartment wall!! LOL
I keep going to Pinterest boards and choosing a new one to try... or all the time I spend pinning stuff is deemed wasteful... think when I have my scrap stuff about again I will make a mini book of all the things I tried and whether they were a success or failure.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Etch a Sketch anyone?

You probably have to be a certain age to even know what an Etch a Sketch is... and they were the equivalent to a computer to us kids!!  So when I saw one as an iPad cover on PinterestI had to have ago for my new Samsung tablet!!
and using my sewing machine to do my name on the 'screen' was exactly like doing it on my old Etch a Sketch (and the results were pretty similar too)!!
and I did unpick the mistake and corrected it... don't think its too noticeable? ;)
It is now in the post... so nobody spot anything else!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WOYWW 12th June 2012

I'm back!!  Did you miss me?  Didja?  Humph... didn't even realise I wasn't here eh!! LOL
This is my work desk this week... on it is a handkerchief... which I have embroidered (and I use the term embroidered pretty loosely as anyone who can actually embroider would have a hissy fit at me putting my attempt in the same category).  It's for a Danish girl who requested handkerchiefs from all over the world with the words 'In a war somebody has to die' in your own language.  She is making them all up into one huge piece and it is going to be displayed.  You can find all the info here if you are interested, I know she needs more hankies!!  
Here is Tom-Tom peeking out of his bed (actually, it's Pandy's bed but its ok because she was in his earlier)!!
and here is Pandora... looking like she is about to open the box!! ;)

Oh no!!  I just noticed the words should be 'in a war someONE has to die'.... guess I have to unpick it... going to make the spacing a bit weird but honestly, I think that is the least of my worries!! LOL

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Oh yes... there are more of them!!

A Libby layout..
Libby in pink... 
Lady in red...
Retail therapy...
Butter wouldn't melt...

Friday, 8 June 2012

Yep... more 12 x 12's...

I had forgotten about so many of these... mostly because all my 12 x 12 scrapbooks stay at home and don't actually travel with me - I would be gutted if they got lost as I really don't think I do all those pages again!
Zebras in the Kruger National Park - 2004
Baboons in the Kruger National Park
Mum, Christopher and I in Kruger National Park 2004
African shopping... oh boy did I shop!!
Giraffe in the Kruger National Park
Lots of envelopes with memories tucked into them... 2001

More 12 x 12 Pages...

I'm on a roll now... some of these I would do so differently today!

These were some pages I did back in 2006 for a lady who was making scrapbooking kits and wanted to be able to include ideas for the kit usage... 
The Royal Livingston Hotel in Zambia... the zebra were just freely wandering around the grounds.
Same layout but with the lift up flap open to reveal the photos of the monkeys that visited the balcony of our hotel room (and one even made a mad dash inside and stole from the fruit basket)!!
Victoria Falls... January 2006 Left hand side.
Vic Falls - Right hand side of double layout.
Annette at 50 - 2006
Grandma's Connected Layout... fabulous poem to go with it...

Grandma's Connected

Author Unknown

In the not too distant past
I remember very well
Grandmas tended to their knitting
And their cookies were just swell.
They were always at the ready
When you needed some advice
And their sewing (I can tell you)
Was available and nice.

Well, Grandma hasn't deserted you
She dearly loves you still
You just won't find her cooking
But she's right there at the till.
She thinks about you daily
You haven't been forsook
Your photos are quite handy
In her Pentium Notebook.

She scans your art work now though
And combines it with cool sounds
To make electronic greetings
She prints pictures by the pounds.
She's right there when you need her
You really aren't alone

She's out now with her "Puter Pals"
And she has her new cell phone.
You can also leave a message
On her answering machine
Or page her at the fun meet
She's been there since nine-fifteen.

Yes, the world's a very different place
There is no doubt of that
So, "E" her from your web page
Or join her in a chat.
She's joined the electronic age
And it really seems to suit her
So don't expect the same old gal
Cause Grandma's gone "computer."

Tidying Up...

I was going through my back-up passport drive to see what was on it and found a folder with heaps of my 12 x 12 scrapbook pages on it!!  LOL  it always amazes me the stuff that I will uncover when I actually take the time to investigate things.  Sooooo, apologies to anyone who pops on here to see anything new because these most definitely are not!!  I just thought that it would be nice to have them on my blog (heck, you never know they might even inspire someone) so I can actually find them if I should suddenly get the urge!!
Oh boy... Chris and his eldest son, Glyn in 2006
Another 2006 page of my family in France... in fact, this is my family and I am the only sibling missing along with my son Christopher.
This was in Johannesburg when we girls decided to dress up in saris for Indian food at Yasmin's house.
Chris took me to Victoria falls for my 50th birthday and I loved the sunset over the river.
The jacarandas lining the streets of Pretoria, South Africa... it is unbelievably beautiful to see them when all in bloom.
Our Granddaughter Lib - 2006
Lib - this was a page for a challenge where you had to use a Beatle song so I chose 'do you want to know a secret'.
A double page of Chris and myself.
I think I have always loved clocks and the them of time!
My blue-eyed boy...
His Mother's Voice = HMV
He'll always be Christopher to me... ;)
It's hard when they go off to Uni.... empty nest syndrome!

OK... think that is probably more than enough for one dose... 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Sold to the lady in the red jumper...

I was extremely pleased to get the call to say I could go and stick the SOLD sticker on the sign in front of the house this morning!!  Yay!!  
Still lots of bits and pieces to do but I have time and a big list so its just a case of working through it and adding ticks when I get something completed!  I have come to realise that the anniversary of WOYWW is always a bad time for me... I tend to be moving countries and things like that whenever it comes around!! :(  I haven't done any scrapping for weeks and I am beginning to wonder if I still remember how.... 
So... anyone want to buy a car.... you have to sit in the passenger seat to drive it because that's where the steering wheel is...?  Electronics that won't work in the UK? TV, PVR ,DVD, vacuum cleaner, kettle, toaster, microwave, freezer... anyone want any furniture?  LOL