Tuesday, 9 February 2016

T on Tuesday

The sun is shining and there is no gale blowing... what a lovely morning to join in with T on Tuesday with Elizabeth and Bleubeard nd spend some time in my scrap room and visit with the T folk!  I have a frothy coffee beside me and have been having a play with a sheet of A4 copy paper trying to fold it into an envelope with a leaf origami folded thingy on the front... from the one sheet of paper!

Why you ask?  Because I want to see if I can!  The destructions were in Chinese and the auto translation left a lot to be desired but the photos were easy enough to follow... well, if I am successful then yes, easy enough to follow!
It worked... not bad for a first try! LOL Apologies for the photos but my camera battery just died so had to use my phone and it hates the light in my scrap room.
and then I did this one with gift wrap paper - think it is  easier to use thinner papers to start with.  I think they are rather sweet and you could write your letter or do a drawing or a poem on the inside and then fold it up... not much good for posting but nice if you can hand it to someone?
Will be popping in to see what other peeps are doing today!