Saturday 29 August 2009

Fairy Door

Another fairy door, this one is for one of the ladies who is having a birthday tea this morning and as my card making skills are a bit iffy I hope she likes this instead!! LOL
This is it opened up with the fairy inside.

I put it in a little bag with a tag explaining about the fairy door (just in case she now has confirmation of my battiness and wonders what the heck it is)!!
"This is a fairy door. Every home should have one. It invites fairies into your home. It is entirely up to you which fiary you invite, be it the clean the kitchen and bathrooms fairy, the ironing fairy, the mopping and vacuuming fairy..."
Today we go home!! Yippppeeeeee... catching the plane this evening and by mid morning tomorrow I will be back in Scotland in my own house... with smoked streaky bacon waiting for me in the fridge!!! Yeah!! Bacon sarnies here I come.... so blog posts may be thin on the ground for the next two weeks.... I will be stash shopping and stash shopping and maybe even doing some stash shopping... eating bacon sarnies and pork chops, ham sandwiches, gammon steaks with pineapple, roast pork with crackling.... get the picture? ;)

Wednesday 26 August 2009


A young Spanish girl has been visiting with her Dad in the house opposite mine for the summer
and she is leaving to go back to school on Friday. She loved to come over and watch the kittens play in the garden and is such sweet girl. The afternoon Gremlin was collected to go to her new home, she popped over afterwards to see if I was OK... as I would probably be sad to see little Grem go. She dropped me off a beautifully written little note saying that she had enjoyed her visit and was leaving... which was lovely to receive, people don't seem to teach their kids to write things down anymore now we live in this instant messaging, texting, mobile, email type of world. So I made her a card with a photo of Pandora, the last kitten looking for a home, hope she likes it.

Sadly, little Gremlin died yesterday, she got sick and never recovered, I am heartbroken, she was such a lovely little thing, had the most laidback approach to life and the courage of a lion. I thought it was hard to accept that little Two Ears lost his battle last week but I had known for some time that the odds of him surviving the fall he had were not good. So two of my five kittens are now on their way to Rainbow Bridge

This is little Gremlin and Two Ears curled up together when they weren't very well.
This is Gremlin, such a little character, I will miss her terribly. She was the runt of the litter and alway so much smaller and frailer than the others and spent a lot of her time in the house with us so we got attached to her more than the others.

Monday 24 August 2009

Fairy Door and Mini Book

Yes indeed... it's a fairy door! :) I was looking through UK Scrappers the other day and came across a swap I really wanted to join... it was exchanging 'fairy doors' but i have so much going on and am on vacation in a few days so it wasn't an option to join the swap... but that doesn't stop me making one, does it?
The idea is that you have a fairy door in your home to invite the fairies in... and its pretty much up to you which fairy you want to visit, whether it be the 'clean the kitchen and bathrooms' fairy, or the 'vacuum and mop' fairy or my personal favourite, the 'ironing' fairy!! I made this one for a friend who leaving in a couple of days to start a new venture so I figure a fairy might come in handy... hope she likes it.

This is a mini book I made for a friend who wanted it as a gift for her friend.

Its all ready for said friend to add the photos, so hope she likes it.

Monday 10 August 2009

Be careful what you ask for....

When we moved from the villa at Murjan into this villette (LOL) here at Pearl Beach I found this stove in the kitchen which I was supposed to cook on.... yeah right! You can see how undersized (is that a word?) it is because there was a gap either side and they had it on a plinth to make it the right height.... to say I was unimpressed is probably an understatement. So I requested that they get a proper grown up stove as a replacement.... well, that was March and April went by and I was busy, then May and I reminded them that I wanted a new stove... June passed and then July came along and I decided that I really needed to be a bit more proactive with regard to this... so I took to calling the compound manager daily and it seemed to be working... he would tell me it was 'in hand' and he was 'working on it' and I would definitely have my stove at the 'end of the week'... not actually saying which week in the year he was referring to... and then he stopped taking my calls....
Hah!! Bad move... that is like the proverbial red rag to the bull... ignore me will you? avoid me will you? So I took to walking up to the office every morning and enquiring as to the wearabouts of this promised new stove... so he sent a carpenter to measure the gap.... progress!!
So the daily visits went on... and on... and on... and he took to hiding from me.... he could see me coming from his office window and took evasive action!!
Hah! Hide from me will you? Avoid me? Hope I will go away and not come back? LOL... little does he know what he is dealing with!! So, I too got clever and approached the office from a different direction and changed the timing and popped in just after lunch... and the elusive new stove was promised to be delivered in a few days.... it was coming from Khobar... which is a 45 minute drive away but obviously takes stoves a week.... and then he disappeared off to India for a months vacation!! Leaving me with no stove!!
So I found the second in command and gave him a good talking to... and he promised to sort it and he promised to call me and let me know.... which he didn't!! So I went back and he wanted to know what was wrong with the old stove, perhaps they could get it repaired!! I WANT A BIGGER STOVE THIS ONE IS TOO SMALL.... it won't take a cookie tray, I can't fit my roasting trays in it... its too small!
So Ronnie, (second in command) assures me he will call the manager in India and find out what was happening, to leave it with him... harrumph.... you are kidding right? I WANT A BIGGER STOVE!! I don't want people lieing to me anymore, I don't want to be avoided anymore, I don't want to sit and wait for calls that don't happen....I have waited 6 months for a new stove and I am not prepared to wait any longer.... I get a new stove or I get a new house!! Poor Ronnie got both barrels.... and its a shame you have to lose it to actually get people to take you seriously... but he phoned me later and said he had permission to get me a new stove and the carpenter would be by to measure the gap.... again (just in case it had changed in the interim period). Then a man came and said the new stove was ordered!!!! Yippeee........ and it was the same size as the one I had...... what? No!! You are kidding me? This is a joke right? Nope, the new stove will be the same size so that it fits into the gap (with room to spare either side)!!
So I threw a hissy fit and told him he could phone them up and cancel the order because I WANT A BIGGER STOVE!!
So this is what got delivered and installed yesterday.... its MAHOOSIVE!! They had to remove one of the kitchen cupboards and cut a chunl of worktop out just to get in the space!! So anyways... my Nan always said 'be careful what you ask for....' and she could be right.... but its a lovely BIG stove and all my trays and roasting dishes fit (in fact they all fit in at the same time)!!
Here is little Two Ears sitting next to his brother One Ear... they were both the same size before he got sick so I am working on building his body fat back up and getting him back on form.

Monday 3 August 2009

Want a Date?

On the short walk to the beach this morning I passed a few palm trees which were laden with dates!! Only problem is... 1. I don't have a step ladder and 2. the birds seem to be getting all the ripe ones!! I love dates... maybe a kitchen chair would do?
It wasn't even 9 a.m. and the sand was too hot to walk on without sandals... and the water was warm and I had my walk up and down and found some shells and a dead crab and loads of little stripey fishes playing in the shallows, then I hot footed (LOL, good that eh?) it back to the air con in the house!

Here are the three kittens, Gremlin, One Ear and Pandora asleep in the shade of the front door. They are all fighting fit again but Grem and Pandora need to put the weight they lost back on... their big brother appears enormous next to them!

Sunday 2 August 2009

Another Kitty Book

This is another kitty book ready to have the photos added as soon as I know which one will be adopted next, hopefully!!

Close up of the front cover decoration. I used a piece of cardboard and painted it then inked and added some papers and beads.

This is Two Ears and he has been at the vet for nearly a week as he is very poorly. The vet thinks he had a fall and hurt his head and its damaged some of his nerves so he can't stand or co-ordinate his movement and is having to be fed and on a drip. We just hope he improves and gets better soon.