Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Quilt Two for LillyBo

Well, the material was there and the batting was cut into squares so I thought I would get one more quilt done for Jo and LillyBo Quilts before putting the sewing machine into its box ready for the packers next Tuesday.  Yep, next Tuesday!  LOL
Hmmm, yes, it is still not bright primary colours, is it? LOL
and I had this light bulb moment and thought what a clever idea it would be to sew shiny satin ribbons into all the seams... OMGoodness me.... I told Jo that if I ever suggest such a thing again to bat me alongside the head with something hard!! ;)
Yes... a close-up of the inserted lace bits and ribbons... it does give it a very shabby chic appearance so I am hoping that Jo and Eddie of CHOCs manage to find a little shabby chic princess for it to go to.
and there it is all rolled up and inside the bag.
I would normally be doing WOYWW this morning but I have either a pinched nerve in my back or have neuralgia (the doc has sent me for an xray but they can't fit me in till the 20th)... either one hurts like heck and I am struggling to sit at the computer for any length of time and I sort of need my back for the packing...

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Yep, it's Wednesday again, it appears to be coming around vey fast, or is that indication of my age? LOL
This is my work desk, yes, I seem to have got a sewing bug.  I think it is the brand new sewing machine that Chris bought me!  On it is a raggedy quilt that I am making for the girl who organises my moving from country to country.  She is expecting her first baby and going on maternity leave the week I go to Oz, so I as a thank you for all her help I thought a raggedy quilt might be nice.

Since taking the photo I have finished it off and given it a wash to make it go raggedy and 
and now it is ready for posting!
Speaking of post, I had the most wonderful visit from the post man who gave me a big box full of wonderful goodies!
Would you look at that!!  Donna, thank you so much, your generosity is amazing, and I am going to have so much fun playing with all these lovely bits!!
and finally, here is a pic of Tom-Tom in his new lycra body suit!  Yes, he managed to completely remove the fur and skin from the rabies and cat flu injections he got last week and wouldn't leave them alone so after another visit to the vet, this is the result... I think it suits him!! ;)

Don't forget to hop on over to the desk of Julia, Leader of the Desks, for the complete list!