Sunday, 3 March 2013

Not much to show for my time...

I am in that flux situation... not really 'here' anymore but not in Oz either!  I have found numerous things that I forgot to have packed... poop.  All my Graphic 45 paper pads for one... that was a very sad moment, let me tell you!  Chris said to bring another case and put them in... think they will be joined with a few more bits and pieces before I fly. I'll pass on the saucepan drawer... just have to buy a new set when I get there! LOL
I was on Pinterest the other day and came across something called a tussie mussie... had not heard the term before but liked what I saw so had a go at making one.
Now the purests out there will correct me and say that this is a replica of a Victorian cone... the actual tussie mussie is the little bouquet of flowers that sits inside... but tussie mussie is such a fun thing to say I am using the term anyways!