Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dream and Envelope

I had quite a fun time in the scraproom yesterday and managed to get a couple of things I had started completed!  Wooo Hooo!  This is the envelope that was on desk yesterday.
Anyone bored with the bird cage yet?  Eh?  I'll take that as a no and carry on using it then!! LOL
I keep forgetting that the idea of these envelopes is to post them and then I go and put bumpy stuff like a bird cage on them... and add ribbon that will get caught up in the mail.  Best laid plans of mice and men?
I also finished the letters in frames... I went with some new papers I had bought by DCWV called Street Lace, they are lovely, have foil and glitter on some of them so they actually did all the work for me and I left the letters and frames alone except for some bling... and a girl can never have too much bling!!
I woke up this morning and there was the weirdest layer of icicles on all the sides of the trees... fluffy icicles that did not fall from above but must have been blown on the wind and stuck to all the sides of the branches.
See?  Fluffy icicles!
It says on the weather channel (yep, we have an entire channel devoted to the weather here)!! and its the Brits that are supposed to be obsessed with the weather, yet we only tag it on to the end of the news broadcast!
that we are to get snow this afternoon.... so my nice snow free driveway will be covered again...


  1. We can get a weather channel here too now. My grandson tells me he has an app for the weather channel. I pretend I don't know what he means but secretly I would like a phone that had apps

  2. Hi!
    Very interesting your works...the letters came so wonderful!
    Here in Brazil is hot!!!

  3. I love your framed letters.

    The snow looks very pretty but I'm keeping my fingers crossed we don't get any more even though temps have dropped a lot the last few days.

    Toni :o)

  4. I'm waiting for Scott to get here so we can finish the stairs. Just had to stop by to see your lovely decorated envelopes and altered letters. These are beautiful and I will NEVER tire of the birdcage and bird. I LOVE birds, so this is always a treat.

    Wow, something new to me! Fluffy icicles. They are beautiful, though. And we have the Weather Channel, too. Ours is a cable channel. What's so funny is, Kansas is known as Tornado Alley, yet we don't cover tornadoes very well. In Oklahoma, the state directly below Kansas, they have LOCAL channels that do nothing but report the weather, especially during tornado warnings/watches. They send up helicopters and have tornado chasers on the ground to aid local police. It's funny (ironic) how each area/state treats their local weather.

  5. Love the fluffy icicles, we've had that here too but not for a couple of years. The Weather Channel is fascinating I think! And I'm loving seeing the winter through your eyes as it's all so new to you, reminds me of my first couple of winters in Michigan, now I just moan about them like everyone else does! Still lovin' the envelope art too and the finished letters are wonderful.


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