Monday, 17 January 2011

Envelope Fun....

I was sitting mooching through YouTube clips last night and watched a lady make a collage envelope from a file folder, it was very pretty so I thought I would have a play, the first problem that arose was that I couldn't find a manilla file folder in the scrap room... nope, not a single one!  Now, I know I have about a gazillion of the darn things... because I bought them when I was going through my 'I will be better organised' phrase - which was about 5 years ago!!  Obviously when I was packing to come to Canada I figured I had no need to be organised and left them in my scrap room at home... but, all was not lost, how hard is it to make an envelope??  So I got a piece of A3 cardstock and folded and cut and stuck a couple bits down and voila!  Who needs a manilla file folder!!  The next problem arose when it came to putting the collage together.... now, the lady in the video clip appeared to just tear odd bits of paper up in weird and wonderful shapes and slap some glue on them and then transfer those in a higgledypggedly fashion onto her manilla folder and it looked fabulous!!  She then added some bits and pieces and even got her sewing machine out and ran a couple of lines of thread through a photo and there it was, completed and looking very arty farty.... so it can't be that difficult can it?

Obviously the answer is yes!!
and the back didn't improve with practice either....
But... I haven't given up... I'm going to give the idea another go 'cos I'm no quitter!!  I might even get the sewing machine out...


  1. Actually the answer is no, not when Annette does it> Is there anything you can't do? This is amazing.

  2. I call this style "willy-nilly" and I can't make art like that either. Mine come out looking a LOT WORSE than yours, partly because YOU use lovely bits of wonderful papers and images, and I use bits of scraps I get from swaps.

    One thing I HAVE found is, use a single color wash over the entire piece (either fluid acrylic or cheap bottled acrylic watered down). It seems to unify things. Of course, it doesn't help mine. But I see lots of beauty in yours, something truly missing in mine.

    Now you know why I stick to geometric shapes when I collage. All that tearing and layering and sanding the edges is eliminated when I stick to squares and rectangles.

    And NO, I still haven't checked my e-mail. I am waiting on a pod, which may be here today and may not. The waiting game has begun.

  3. I think it is very pretty Annette.

    Found a great 'birdcage' item on my wanders at the weekend and immediately thought "that's the sort of thing Annette would like". I took a pic and posted it on my blog cos I'm sure you could come up with something similar.

    Toni xx

  4. Lol, other folks always seem to make things look so darn easy don't they? And then you have a go yourself! All I can say is yours is a heck of a lot prettier than anything I'd come up with!

    Those little "pegs" on my desk last week are a set of Hampton Art individual alphabet stamps, you can see them here.

    See you tomorrow again no doubt!!



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