Wednesday, 26 January 2011

WOYWW 26th January 2010

Here we are almost at the end of the first month of 2011 and the weeks seem to speeding by!  My work desk is looking pretty tidy for a couple of reasons, the first being that I haven't had a lot of time lately for sitting and playing and the other, I tidied up after a project a few days ago!
A couple more envelopes which are now finished and should be going in the post in the next day or so.
The close up pic doesn't do the colours justice as they are far more vivid - as you can see from the desk photo.
This is the other side of it - not a proper envelope as one end is open for a large tag.
The colour is washed out in this photo too - it's very difficult to get proper colours in the light I have here... I think I need to invest in a proper lighting box setup.
This is the back - love these papers but I have lost the front cover so haven't a clue who made them! 
Here are the close ups of the letters in frames I did last week.
and speaking of dream.... we went to Lake Louise in the Rockies on Sunday to see the Ice Festival.  The scenery was spectacular, the chateau is huge and overlooks the Lake - which was frozen completely solid and people were skating on it.  the ice sculptors had done a magnificent job of carving the humungous slabs of ice into magical forms.
This was a huge castle carved from blocks of ice actually on the frozen lake.
This dragon looking in the mirror was carved by the British team - called 'Who's the fairest of them all'.
This was a rabbit pulling a child from the hat!
and look who managed to get her photo taken with two Mounties???  I didn't realise just how tall they were till I saw the photo... I think I must be shrinking... (eat your heart out Toni)!!
Don't forget to check out the other desks - pop over to Chief Inspector Snoop of the Desks - aka Julia.


  1. WOW, you are whipping out those envelopes like crazy. I'm totally impressed. Of course, I had to spend a fair amount of time looking at the ice sculptures, too. I love the dragon and the rabbit. Of course, the ice castle was amazing. So glad you shared these.

    And of course, the great photo of you with the mounties. Just think. Last year at this time, you were no where near snow, much less ice. You will really look back on this once you get "home."

  2. Great pictures of the Ice Festival, that must have been fantastic. I love the envelopes. Those ladies - are they stamps or pics? They're beautiful.

  3. Love all your creations on show this week ..The envies look gorgeous.As for the ice festival gosh that looks spectacular just from the piccys.Glad you had a good time hugs judex12

  4. Fantastic Ice sculptures. They are amazing!!

    love your neat desk too!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Sam # 26

  5. Flipping 'eck... those Mounties are HUGE!!! (and rather dishy...ssssh!! LOL) LOVE your art hun..tis beautiful! The ice sculptures are amazing aren't they! TTFN .. Hels x #6

  6. Gosh...they are tall - great photo Annette.

    Love all your work pieces - those letters are fab.

    Toni xx

  7. Lovely project on your desk, like your letters...the photos of the ice castle are amazing - he, he the mounties sure are tall and good looking to!!!!

  8. Always lots going on around your desk .... lovely.

    Stunning ice thingies.


  9. Wow! Fantastic art on show - amazing how different the colours look in the different photos - but Lake Louise - (I have been there, but in summer) what amazing ice sculptures. How incredible that talent would be!!

  10. Wonderful projects, love the ice sculptures.

    Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #7, Happy WOYWW.

  11. Love the colours you've used in this week's makes and those ice sculptures are really stunning. Thanks for sharing.
    A x

  12. I love the alphabet letters in frames they are beautiful and the cards have such beautiful papers and images. The ice sculpure of the rabbit pulling a child out of the hat is brilliant! Have a wonderful week! Tracey (Handmade with Love)x

  13. Wow the ice festival looks fantastic. The sculptures look great in the photos so they must have been even better in real life.

    I've had problems with taking photos because of the lack of light recently and invested in a pop up light box which was fairly cheap and has helped no end.

  14. Loved reading todays blog, your desk is so very tidy and organised,even tho you have creativeness going on!!

    Those ice sculptures are awesome,love the dragon one!!

    How tall were those mounties?? they look like giants lol

    Thanks for sharing

    Jinny #76

  15. What fabulous cards-and the photos of the ice carvings are gorgeous.

    I am so envious of you having your photo taken with those gorgeous handsome mounties - dreams are made of this!

  16. Hi ya
    very tidy desk, gorgeous cards, luv the images, your framed letters look fab, great piccies,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (30)

  17. You do look quite diddy there! What brilliant ice sculptures, I'd love to go somewhere like that.

    Your projects are fab - I'm guessing the top one is inspired by your time in Saudi?

    Enjoyed your post and all those photos today :-)

  18. Ooooh those framed letters look amazing!

  19. WOW! This is a loaded post! I read through it twice cause I was awed by it all. Love the envelopes, the ice sculptures are awesome and darn I always have had a thing about mean in uniform...tall men...My husband is 6'3" to my 5'3". Thanks for sharing

    Vickie #59

  20. Lovely work and creations here - you have been busy. Thanks for all the great pics too - what a richly travelled and lived life!!!


  21. the ice sculptures are breathtaking, and I love your work, those colours are really matched well to the theme, I know it is for totally different reasons, but when I worked in (operating) theatres it was only when every one is 'masked up' that I noticed how stunning eyes are - and all so different - I suspect it is why I love painting eyes most of all.

  22. Fab desk, looks like you've good things going on.
    Cathy xx

  23. Your envelope is fab and it is really nice to see what you did with the DREAM letters - they are brilliant. Loved the ice sculptures - great photographs - and how you must have loved meeting the Mounties :) Elizabeth #60

  24. I'm back! And legal for another 10 years, thanks so much for linking me up, the last time I was this high up on the list was last January! Can't believe those beautiful envelopes, a light tent will definitely help you out. Andrew built one for us at the end of last year (I put it on a WOYWW) post, they're very simple, constructed out of white foam board from Michaels with a couple of lights shining in from the front. Nice little project to keep Chris out of mischief! Love the ice festival, we have one here soon, although the sculptures aren't as large as castles, they're still amazing and the teams come from all over the world, wouldn't be surprised if they're the same folks you saw!


  25. Great workspace, crafty heaven. Your photo's are awesome, those ice sculptures are something else!

  26. Had to stop back by and tell you what a sweetie you are for linking Brenda last night. I didn't even realize she had posted till I read her blog. Looks like things went smoothly and she didn't need to borrow one of my guns to keep from being deported (grin).

  27. Lovely cards and envelopes, and those ice sculptures are amazing. Thank you for sharing with us.

  28. Pretty envelopes and cards. Oooooh that dragon was super. What talented ice sculptors!

  29. Lovely creations! I LOVE your letters in frames :)
    Shaz x

  30. Love all the photos!! I'm with you on needing to invest in a proper light set up...actually, I need to invest in decent lights PERIOD for creating!!

  31. Fantastic photos not only of the ice sculptures but also of those envelopes.
    x Tricia (120)

  32. Oh wow wow wow - stunning envelopes and great photos and love those mounties ~ Nicky 17

  33. Love the photos of the Ice Festival - especially the rabbit pulling a child from a hat.
    Your envelopes are spectacular. You put so much of yourself into them, you are blessed with talent.
    Vicki - A little inkling 108

  34. Oh I think I'm jealous. ;)
    I have only been to Lake Louise in the summer. I would love to stay there just once in the wintertime.

    Lovely works this week.

    CaroleB #135

  35. Oh my, those envies are absolutely amazing! I can't even get my mind around the ice dragon - how cool!

    Susan #154

  36. Amzaing ice sculptures and those mounties must be wearing heels or you are petit. Lovely envelopes, you put so much detail into them. Just gorgeous.
    Sandra xox

  37. those letters look even better this week, the ice festival looks lovely but very cold lol

    thanks for the peep

    Judie xx 158

  38. As always, your work is amazing! Those ice sculptures are absolutely incredible.
    Tertia 137

  39. Wow those sculptures are amazing ... must have been spectacular in real life

  40. such a busy girl.... loving the tags. what fantastic sculptures, beauty can be made from anything. thanks for sharing.

  41. Ab fab photo of you and the Mounties, and the ice carving.

  42. Lovely frames, very creative! Amazing ice sculptures!!

    Happy be-lated WOYWW and
    Thanks for the peek! :D


  43. I have to say the reason I love WOYWW so much are posts like yours.. I love all the pic's.. the ice sculptures are WOW.. and very cute pic of you with the Mounties..

    Shirley #151

  44. If only all envelopes looked like the gems you're creating. You have my mind thinking on giving my envelopes more flair.

    I was trying to take photos of an altered purse I've done and am having the exact same problems with the faded quality of the colors because of lighting.

    I have always wanted to see an ice show like that. So enchanting! Thank you for sharing them. :)

    Happy creating!
    ~Dandelion Dreams


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