Thursday, 24 February 2011

Dress Form.... work in progress!

I have been playing with my dress form... I thought I had made quite a few pieces of chipboard but once they are tied onto her I realised I need to make a heap more!! LOL
I'm now thinking that perhaps I should have got a smaller one?  She stands five feet tall!!
and I tried to use some ribbon reels for my snippets but it didn't work because they are made of chipboard so I have slung put them on here too! ;)
When I was shopping and the dress form fell in my basket, I also found this...
Isn't it great?  I picked it up for my son as a 'talking point' in his flat....
It's made of old yellow pages or newspapers and laser cut... it won't go in the post so he will have to wait for it... 
I have nearly finished the snippet roll...  they are perfect for when you are sitting about waiting for appointments as they take up no room and you just need a needle and cotton and some buttons and beads to decorate them.


  1. LOL yes you will need a few more yet to fill it but can't wait to see the end result! Let's hope you don't get too much more snow so that the shoveling doesn't eat into your craft time too much :)!

  2. Keep going Annette, "she" is coming along wonderfully...but yep, quite a few more bits needed.

    Toni xx

  3. Oh yeah, you're gonna be there for quite a while yet! That conversation piece is really interesting! And I think I'm right in saying that in a comment I left you when you said you were moving to Calgary way back when was: "Buy a snowblower before the first winter storm as their won't be one left in the city to have!". Did she take my advice??? Did she heck! Leave the driveway for Chris to shovel after a hard days work.... bet you'll get a snow blower in no time then!!!


  4. I'm likin' the yellow pages "bowl", I would have bought that in a hot second if I'd seen it first! Your Manni will be great when her wardrobe is complete, looks like it's going to take a while she's a big girl!

  5. Hi Annette,
    I love your dress form...I suppose you bought her in Canada? I love her...did they have different sizes?
    I have not gotten my dress or purse made for February....I am running behind.
    Yours is your wonderful that you have traveled to so many different places.
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  6. Oh that's gorgeous, I would love one of those,I just haven't got the room, still trying to persuade hubs to move

  7. Hello,
    This dress form will be a masterpiece...
    You asked for the printable fabric on my blog? Well, I simply went to the nearest paper store (not even a scrapbooking store) and they sold me printable fabric. It was a 8½ X 11 sheet. How easy is that?

    Have fun!
    Michelle *Ü*

  8. Needles, cotton, buttons! my oh will think I can sew his buttons back on his shirts if I do this. lol Love the chipboard but it looks like a long job.


  9. It is coming along nicely. Remember, it can be a work in progress and doesn't have to be finished all in one sitting. It will be nice to add to as you go along. I love it all so far!

  10. Its looking really awesome already. By the way, I have a blog award for you if you want to pop by and pick it up :-)

  11. I have been tempted so many times. I am glad you bought it for both of us ha ha loving what your doing with it

    Love Dawn xx


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