Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I Changed My Mind...

I'm female, I think it is our prerogative to do so? (ok, I had to check the spelling of prerogative as it ended up with a squiggly red line under it, I left out the first r because that is the way I say it)!!  Last week I was just starting on making a recipe book with October Afternoon papers and a Bo Bunny chipboard layered book and once I got started I realised that it was perfect for the late '50's early '60's photos I have of my family, so that is the route I went.  Only one small problem, the said photos are in a cardboard box in my scrap room back in Scotland.  They are pre-digital, obviously, and I have a horror of losing them so I don't pack them up and transport them about with me. So it's another of those little projects that will have to undergo completion when I finally stop hopping about the world.
I really had fun with this, love the colours and the designs of the papers and think it looks quite 1950's in style.  I cut a chipboard half apron (with some little wooden pegs clipped to the frill just like Mum used to do when she was hanging up the washing) and attached it to the front and used the ribbon ties to wrap around the back to keep the book closed. Added a little 7Gypsies drawer handle to the corner which is similar to the ones we had in the kitchen and dangled some little chipboard circles from it.

Now the Bo Bunny layered books only have 6 pages so I had to use pockets and pull outs to increase the 'real estate' for putting the photos in.
This page I made an envelope with tags inserted into the top.
Another envelope used sideways for tags inside and behind.

A corner picture with tags slotted into it.
I added a fold out to increase the space for journaling and pics.
This is it folded open and you can see a mini layered book inserted in a pocket.
This is the mini version.
Lovely big bright corner pocket for large tags.
This is another pocket with tags slipped into the side.
These are the tags, space on the back for photos and journaling.
This page has a concertina fold out.
Plenty of room for photos.
and the other side.
Another pocket with large tags.
Oh look... another pocket!
These are the tags, love the ad papers.
Final page has a pocket with tags.


  1. Annette the book is stunning and I'm sure will look super with the photos you have in mind.

    Love the pinny & pegs on the fromt - my Mum always clipped some to her pinny too...LOL

    Toni xx

  2. Oh My Goodness Annette - that book is just full of surprises - absolutely gorgeous - love all of it! Haven't done a minibook in an absolute age - must change that shortly because I love them!

    Hope you're having a great day!

  3. This is absolutely stunning! I love how you have made more space within the book by using tags and inserts and the papers you have chosen are wonderful! Have a good week. Tracey x

  4. Wow Annette, you never cease to amaze me.. this is such a lovely project.. where do you get the time and the inspiration... I feel like I am running out of steam ! LOL .. Love it .. well done !

  5. Love this! Those papers are gorgeous! Perfect!

  6. So much detail just lovely. Your book shows off the paper to perfection and will look even lovelier when you add your photos. They sound the perfect match.

  7. Wow wow wow it's fantastic, I've never seen anything like this and the papers are gorgeous. Wow


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