Friday, 18 February 2011

I'm doing the happy dance!

Not just once....
but twice!
I hardly ever enter anything that involves winning because I don't win (some might say that you have to be in it to win it.... but it didn't work in the past so I am not a slave to entering any more) so though I did a lot of visiting during the One World One Heart blog hop and enjoyed finding loads of lovely people with such a huge variation of interests and talents, I didn't actually leave my name except for a few and guess what?  I won Elizabeth's grand prize and Hels' prize!! Thank you ladies, I am super chuffed!! Heck, I wish I had done the lottery that week too! LOL
Yesterday, we were having a play day at Odelia's, well, Brigette and Odelia's kids were having the play day and we were going to drink coffee and eat calories!! I decided to bake a cake... an angel cake to be specific, as I had never baked one before, I wasn't really sure how it would turn out and of course I wasn't equipped with an angel cake baking pan with the funnel thing... and I couldn't really see the necessity for the funnel bit so opted to use a couple of loaf tins instead.... what could go wrong? LOL  I was chatting to Brigette on the phone shortly after putting the loaf tins in the oven and mentioned my baking and lack of funnel pan thingy and she says 'watch out they don't overflow'..... so when I came off the phone I thought I would have a quick check of the oven contents...
Oooeeeeerh 'eck!!  What happened there? A definite case of the 'too much mix for a little loaf tin' perhaps? Now the weird thing is when faced with this you have a tendency to panic... so I did, panic, that is.... with cries of no, stop, flippin' heck.... and there really isn't a darn thing you can do but let them continue baking!! (oh and I have an oven to clean this morning).... and I have also learned why you are supposed to use one of those cake pans with the funnel in the middle...
Once they had baked and cooled I prised them from the loaf tins and ate all the crunchy bits that fell off the edges - which were exceptionally yummy and I figured that little people will be perfectly happy to eat angel cake no matter what it looks like and the bigger people will be quite happy with the sugar high and not worry about the aesthetic beauty aspect of the whole thing... 
For Valentine's I got some new tools from Chris - one of them was the d.stress by imaginisce which seemed to bring out the gutter mentality in a few folk... (you know who you are) ;)
Of course, whilst at work some of the men were asking each other what they had bought their wives for Valentines..... and Chris blurts out that he had bought me a battery operated de-stress tool in pink....  no.... no, no, no.... I will never be able to show my face near the office again!! It's a scrapping tool.... honest!

So... other than the fact that imaginisce may have not quite thought through the actual shape of their new tool
I could hug them because it is brilliant and it is battery operated! I have now got their i.rock and their hot glue gun, also all battery operated!!  The joy of this is that they are then supremely portable - great to take to crops where you have no idea if you will be seated near an electric socket and for me?  Well, all my tools were for the UK so I can't actually use them here in Canada and it becomes an expensive exercise to replace them all, especially when you know you won't be able to take them home again!  So this is the perfect solution... 
Who would want to sit with a nail file and go around all the edges of a shape like this in chipboard? Well, the d.stress did it with ease and in a couple of minutes!! 
So guess what I am doing today?  Yep, no chipboard is going to be safe... it will all be d.stressed to within an inch of its existence!


  1. Can't pretend I'm not jealous, about your prizes and frankly, your uber clean oven! Sound reasoning for the tools mo doubt, but the look of the d stress it is still erm, non crafty!!

  2. Ooh Annette the story of the d-stress tool is just awesome, I giggled at the original pictures but the update on the work comment is purely classic!

    Hope you're having a great day!

    Was going to put all sorts of things about how glad I am that the tool does what it should etc - but then thought it might get misconstrued LMAO!

  3. Oh you did make me laugh with your destress tool!!! I want one!

  4. Love the tool and I guess it's what you do with it that counts!! Great news on two wins also, shoulda bought that lottery ticket! As to my light box, I spotted immediately in your comment where you'd gone wrong.... our husbands are both Engineers, you built your own light box, mine built ours. Therefore if you'd let Chris make it for you it WOULD have had plastic plumbing pipes as a frame!!

    have a great weekend,

  5. Congrats on the wins - love the kitty photos.

    Ummm, nearly choked about your Valentine's gift and the fact Chris told his work mates LOL I wonder if demonstrating it would help..........................

    Toni :o)

  6. I have just pee'd myself...not only was your Angel cake just sooo funny - kinda thing I would do ... but the Valentines that... is... HILARIOUS!!!

  7. Oh wowo I Love that kitty picture!!! Fabulous, people will want to copy that and keep it!! I forgot to say your craft room is fabulous (down below) I was so over come with the toe picture!! (ou could do a 'spot the difference with that, as I didn't at first notice!! Yes, my spot the difference is on the WOYWW< it's the freebie this week, and on the post above, but if you came straight from WOYWW< you won't see the post above until you click the home button... as it's just above it, on the same day (Wednesday) It's open until This coming Tuesday. All correct answers are put into a hat, given a shake and then I pick out a winner for a digi from my digi store. (Of course you can keep both the spot the differences while they are there if you want,they make great games for kids parties!


  8. Laughed out loud at your story- and you have also given me an idea. I have a battery operated manicure kit hiding in a drawer somewhere- and I know it has bits that you use for filing nails/smoothing down hard skin etc- I think I may go find this today-I may have my own battery operated distresser!!

  9. Oh wow, I can remember when I did that and what a mess my oven was!! I love the de stresser tool, I wish I had been a fly on the wall when Chris told his buddies at work lol. Love the chipboard your doing those papers are fab, who are they by?

  10. Wow ..that d.stress looks as though it does an amazing for the cake ...well as long as it tasted good ...but the prize has to go to the jumping cat photo it

  11. I'm finally here. I know. You can hear me now. I swear my life will make a good story for some blog one of these days (grin).

    Love the cats. I want a cat that will do that. Mine looks like a bowling pin with legs. Yep, he's rather heavy at the moment, which makes it difficult to be airborne.

    I have two angel food pans, also known as springform pans. If you lived near me , I would have given you both mine. It's been a LONG time since I used one or both, but if I recall, you only fill them 1/3 full. Darcy would know best, I'm sure.

    More to come, but I don't want to overload this comment.

  12. I have no idea about your light box, but you should test it and put a photo on your blog showing shutter speed, etc, if you know it. My camera has no external readings, and is actually better at taking videos, so I may take some on the way to CA.

    OK, I get the d stress tool now, but why do you want all that distressing? What does it add? I don't mean YOU, I mean anyone doing this. I guess I would have to see it in person because I don't have any chipboard. See, you could show me your chipboard and I could give you the cake pans. I see that as a plus for both of us (grin). I DO like the do dad chipboard thingy.

  13. I got such a kick out of the comment about the destress tool! haha...Thanks for the visit and I hope you will come visit again...I am just getting back to blogging and enyjoying it!

  14. Be Pink and Proud of It

    nothing wrong with a little relaxation with your tool

    gaffaw gaffaw


  15. Well done your wins and glad that the cake tasted great despite the little overflow LOL!

    I nearly fell off my chair with laughter when I read what Chris had said about Valentine's but have to confess it looks like a great tool and soo much easier than a nail file or even the Basic Grey files that I have. Now I NEED one of those too LOL - you must let me know who makes them!

    Looks like you have had a busy week and look forward to seeing the results and Chris's suggestion too!


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