Saturday, 14 January 2012

Home Alone and Mission Impossible

Nope not the movies... just the challenge of putting something together when it gets delivered straight after Chris goes back to Fort Mac to work!!  (one would almost be led to believe that these things occur deliberately but I can't blame him as I placed the order)!!  I have wanted an American daybed with the trundle bed that goes underneath for years... we just don't see them in the UK so whilst here in Canada I decided that this would be my only opportunity to get hold of one!!
So this is what I have...
and you can see that I have assistance of the furry kind...

No breakfast and a while later...
Viola!!  It even has the feline seal of approval!!  Now I just need to put the trundle together and wheel it underneath... I may be a while but in the words of yet another movie... I'll be back'!!
Edited to say...
Tada!!!  I love it... the trundle bed underneath is on wheels and it whizzes about beautifully!! ;)


  1. What a FEAT. I'm impressed with your ability to get that thing together. AND, just think. When it's time to reassemble it when you get home, you'll know how.

    I'm so impressed that both Pandy and Tom Tom are willing to sit on the day bed at the same time. They really DID give their seal of approval.

  2. Annette, that looks just super - well done on managing it on your own. You've done a great job.

    Toni xx

  3. it looks wonderful....I am the one who puts something together, has a zillion pieces left and says "gee hope that piece wasnt too important!"

  4. I love putting furniture together and love your daubed perhaps you need to set up a business so we can get them in the uk as just what I need in my craft room which is also our guest room. Nice to see the felines love it too

  5. Well done on putting it all together, it must have been quite a challenge doing it on your own!
    I so agree with Bagpuss exporting them to the UK would be a great idea. I have a place in my conservatory that is crying out for one!

  6. cats make me laugh - anything new and they are there checking it out immediately - love that bed Annette - really lovely, I just don't have the room, they sell similar over here as in 'day beds' I always wanted one but as I said now we've downsized it will be an impossibility until the kids have left home - maybe I should wrap their sandwiches in little hankerchiefs on a stick .......... they're 24 and 21 do you think it might be any time soon.

  7. Je viens de parcourir ce blog et je le trouve vraiment super!

  8. be careful, if you do too well without him.....


  9. Love do your cats I see ...well done you for putting it together would be still in bits if I had had to make it.

  10. Fantastic job, love it, I see Tom Tom, was 1st over to see what's going on, at least they both gave the paws up on approval, you clever girl what a fete, it's beautiful x x Hugs May x x


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