Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Little Book of Secrets - Da Vinci

I am part of a swap in the UK where we make two little books of secrets... the first one has arrived at it's destination so I can now show the photos of it.  We based the book on these instructions - but we all know what I am like for following instructions, so mine ended up a little different as I wanted all four of the drawers to be able to open instead of just three.  This book is for Irene and her chosen theme was Da Vinci.
As you can see, the base of the book is made from 4 matchboxes which is where the secrets comes into play.
When I think Da Vinci I also think steampunk so that the way I went with the decoration.
Small tags with Da Vinci drawings and stamped images

Pocket page with tags
Extended page with fold flap
Stamping and embossing
Embossed stamping and downloaded da vinci drawings.
More embossed images
I used lots of downloaded da vinci drawings and paintings
I attached the pages to the spine so that it will open and lie flat so that you can get to the fourth drawer that is on the spine of the book.
This shows the drawers open with lots of bits and bobs inside.


  1. This is a STUNNING piece of work, love everything about it, Jaw dropping Beauty x x Hugs May

  2. Oh, Annette, this is too yummy for words! I've got to do one of these!!! Thanks (er, I think... it looks a bit complicated).

  3. This book is truly stunning ... You are so clever ... Is it too late for me to join the swap? I want that one!!!

  4. This is an amazing piece of work ...wish I could see it in the flesh ...so to speak... and the drawers are such a great finishing touch ...I agree with you ... why have 3 when you could have 4 lol xx

  5. Wowza...that is stunning. The recipient is surely one very lucky individual.

    Toni xx

  6. This book is amazing! I know it took a lot of time. I love the theme and little secret compartments. Thanks for including the instructions. I really want to make one now.

  7. That is so cool with the secret compartments. And I love your curious cats in the previous post. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. I swear I am speechless! This is so gorgeous, amazing, and well done. You are a TRUE paper engineer. I am in love with this and a bit intimidated by what I made you for Christmas (glad you didn't actually get it). My friend Kathy and I exchanged books one year and her theme was DaVinci. She also printed off a lot of images from the internet. Many of yours look familiar to me. In fact, I may even have a few left, too.

    I'm super impressed with your book. It is simply beyond words.

  9. ooooh ahhhhhh ooooooh aahhhhhhh... this is incredible Annette... soooo much work, all those teensy details make this creation the most gorgeous piece of art I have seen in yonks... now... do tell please... how did you get those pages to stick to the spine.. it is probably really self explanatory but I can't figure it out... lucky Irene I say!!!! Big hugs and... Alf sends a snog to his girlfriend ;o)

  10. That is stunning Annette.
    Totally jealous of Irene now!
    Well I was before I saw it as I just knew it would be beautiful. She will definitely have to lock it up the next time I visit her. LOL

  11. OMG!!! Such a Gorgeous Book of Secrets! You know I want to make one now! Absolutely Stunning! I can't stop looking at all the details! Did I say WoW!!??
    Michelle *Ü*

  12. That is truly amazing Annette.
    C xx

  13. Annette the book is absolutely amazing, love the overall steampunk look of the book - sheer genius! Off to look at the destructions now! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Amazing book, we went to Milan this year, and saw so much Da Vinci history. I love the theme of your book. It's great how you got the fourth drawer to open too, don't just follow the instructions, make it work or you!
    Absolutely stunning, Judith xx

  15. wow amazing just amazing. You have worked so hard on this.

  16. It is stunning and absolutely beautiful. Lucky recipient!!!!!!

  17. ok, you are seriousley becoming one of my fav blogs. Is there instructions for these amazing books. They are stunning and your examples are truly magical. What a lucky friend.

  18. Gosh Annette. This is stunning. What alot of work has gone into this!
    Saw it on Pinterest and recognised it as yours.


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