Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Curiosity and the cats...

So there was a ring on my doorbell and when I opened it there were these two very large boxes sitting there... and I then heard the sound of an engine revving up and driving away... this is how things get delivered here in Calgary... no waiting to see if someone answers the door, needs to sign for the delivery or needs help getting the boxes to the inside of the house!! ;) This trunk was inside one of the boxes... I fell in love with it when I saw it online and thought it would look pretty good as a bedside table to go with my American daybed.
I opened the drawer in the middle of the trunk and guess who turned up...
A small dark space is too good not to investigate...
and inspect the internal quality...
then a little miss decided that she should get in on the act...
and figured there surely was room for one more...

but Tom-Tom was having none it... it's his secret drawer!


  1. Don't you just love cats ....and that trunk is fantastic ....no wonder you could.'t resisit it.

  2. What a super trunk Annette - and the cats obviously agree.

    Toni xx

  3. We don't even get a doorbell ring or a knock lol. Love the cats antics :D

  4. That's how they deliver packages via UPS in the US, unless you are required to sign for the package. My friend Sally had a package go missing a few years ago, so now they make her sign for everything. Other than that, they won't wait around for you to get from one part of the house to the front door.

    "HE" who finds the secret drawer first, controls the secret drawer. And that leaves Pandy out in the cold (so to speak). I'm sort of glad mine has no one to fight over a secret drawer with. That's a very nice box, though. Rather unusual that you are collecting American memorabilia, while much of the UK is collecting British memorabilia this year. You are SUCH a trend setter (grin).

  5. BTW, did you ever get my Christmas package? It had a quiltlet in it and a handmade card, as well as a tip-in.

  6. Awesome trunk! I love the curiosity of the kitties! I love my furbabies but sometimes they drive me nuts!

  7. ahhaha what fun for them! love it.

  8. Love this!!! Me and hubby always say our 2 cats are more entertaining than tv. lol! :-)

  9. LOVE that box loads but I love it even more with Tom Tom in it... did he ever come out or is he demanding his tea-tea's in there now? Poor Pandora... she looks like she needs to get in there too!


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