Friday, 8 June 2012

More 12 x 12 Pages...

I'm on a roll now... some of these I would do so differently today!

These were some pages I did back in 2006 for a lady who was making scrapbooking kits and wanted to be able to include ideas for the kit usage... 
The Royal Livingston Hotel in Zambia... the zebra were just freely wandering around the grounds.
Same layout but with the lift up flap open to reveal the photos of the monkeys that visited the balcony of our hotel room (and one even made a mad dash inside and stole from the fruit basket)!!
Victoria Falls... January 2006 Left hand side.
Vic Falls - Right hand side of double layout.
Annette at 50 - 2006
Grandma's Connected Layout... fabulous poem to go with it...

Grandma's Connected

Author Unknown

In the not too distant past
I remember very well
Grandmas tended to their knitting
And their cookies were just swell.
They were always at the ready
When you needed some advice
And their sewing (I can tell you)
Was available and nice.

Well, Grandma hasn't deserted you
She dearly loves you still
You just won't find her cooking
But she's right there at the till.
She thinks about you daily
You haven't been forsook
Your photos are quite handy
In her Pentium Notebook.

She scans your art work now though
And combines it with cool sounds
To make electronic greetings
She prints pictures by the pounds.
She's right there when you need her
You really aren't alone

She's out now with her "Puter Pals"
And she has her new cell phone.
You can also leave a message
On her answering machine
Or page her at the fun meet
She's been there since nine-fifteen.

Yes, the world's a very different place
There is no doubt of that
So, "E" her from your web page
Or join her in a chat.
She's joined the electronic age
And it really seems to suit her
So don't expect the same old gal
Cause Grandma's gone "computer."


  1. I had trouble with the third photo. I couldn't read the words to the title. Other than that, it was a fun layout.

    I really liked the RLH spread with the zebras and how free they seemed. It was good to see them actually enjoying themselves rather than being chased by prey.

    Victoria Falls was awesome. Now I see why you wanted to visit Niagara Falls. Of course, since I live in No America, Victoria Falls seems so much more exotic.

    As I was reading the poem, I got to thinking about how our lives have truly changed over the years. I've been watching the Hatfields and McCoys on TV and saw how the main Hatfield characters (these are true stories) had 13 children and the McCoys had 16. I can't imagine the burden that must have put on everyone, especially since there was no running water, no electricity, and no amenities. A washing machine would have been such a god-send, I'm sure, and a microwave oven would have been such a time saver.

    And of course that poem is truly correct because we are now in the digital age, whether we want to be or not. I can live without heat, but I can't live without my computer (grin). Needless to say, I love these layouts.

  2. Oh I love that poem Annette - my Mum is a Grandma that sort of slips into the middle...knits, sews, cooks and dabbles with the PC.

    You have some amazing photos on these LOs.

    Toni xx


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