Friday, 8 June 2012

Tidying Up...

I was going through my back-up passport drive to see what was on it and found a folder with heaps of my 12 x 12 scrapbook pages on it!!  LOL  it always amazes me the stuff that I will uncover when I actually take the time to investigate things.  Sooooo, apologies to anyone who pops on here to see anything new because these most definitely are not!!  I just thought that it would be nice to have them on my blog (heck, you never know they might even inspire someone) so I can actually find them if I should suddenly get the urge!!
Oh boy... Chris and his eldest son, Glyn in 2006
Another 2006 page of my family in France... in fact, this is my family and I am the only sibling missing along with my son Christopher.
This was in Johannesburg when we girls decided to dress up in saris for Indian food at Yasmin's house.
Chris took me to Victoria falls for my 50th birthday and I loved the sunset over the river.
The jacarandas lining the streets of Pretoria, South Africa... it is unbelievably beautiful to see them when all in bloom.
Our Granddaughter Lib - 2006
Lib - this was a page for a challenge where you had to use a Beatle song so I chose 'do you want to know a secret'.
A double page of Chris and myself.
I think I have always loved clocks and the them of time!
My blue-eyed boy...
His Mother's Voice = HMV
He'll always be Christopher to me... ;)
It's hard when they go off to Uni.... empty nest syndrome!

OK... think that is probably more than enough for one dose... 


  1. What great LOs Annette and all of them showing such fab photos - TFS

    Toni xx

  2. Theyre fab...we should all do this with some of our older LOs, i mean your Christopher's grown a bit!!! What a great find!

  3. Very impressive art. Yes, it is ART. I would be hard pressed to make scrapbook pages look this good. Let's see. First I would have to get a camera that took photos you could see (grin).

    Christopher looks so young in some of these photos and Chris looks like he still loves you as much as he seems to today!


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