Saturday, 27 July 2013

Annie's Little Square Book

Now that she has it in her hands, I can show the little book that I made for Annie/Wipso and posted off last weekend.  Jo of Jozart has no idea what she has started... our Annie, creator of all sorts of lovely sewing projects, got a tag book from Jo to put her WOYWW ATC's in... and Annie had a go at making one and has now joined us on the dark side making mini books!
Whilst chatting on facebook I offered to show her how to make a few of my favourite minis and Annie decided that she would like to try this version... so I made this one up and sent her the destructions.
It is an easy mini and opens up as a display book but if anyone had been a fly on the wall the other night when Annie was trying to put hers together... let's say Tenna pads were an additional requirement I hadn't thought about at gone midnight and a continent away for this particular one on one class!  Annie was making frogs and pyramids... I know, I was impressed too, but what she was trying for was the fold that makes the little pocket on each corner page!
Each of the four pages are attached together with the little pocket for tags 
and for a little mini you have quite a lot of real estate for putting photos and journaling.
If you fancy trying one for yourself you can find the instructions here.


  1. what a sweet book you made. i bet annie loves it!
    i've been away for a week, with very little internet access, so i have missed a whole week's worth of postings . . . you have been busy.

  2. Annette, you are a mind-reader...I was only thinking of this style of mini-book the other day and I've hunted everywhere for the 'destructions' - forgot it was the one you did on UKS for the Summer of mini-books.

    Love the one you have done here.

    Toni xx

  3. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall as sounded like great fun,its a awesome mini book x

  4. That's Annie for you - always up for a challenge even if it does require a change of pants half way through!! No doubt she will get me making one on fun day Monday - I will go prepared - card and paper and maybe a clean pair just in case!! lol. What a clever little book that is. x Jo

  5. I looked at the instructions and I'm still stumped. I guess I got lost when I was supposed to fit the paper between my thumb and index finger. That might be a problem with my rather arthritic fingers (grin). I love your book, but I confess, I probably won't be making one of these, whether round or square, any time soon. Bless you for helping Annie who lives in a far different time zone.

  6. Jo just pointed out to me that you had blogged my little book Annette....I must have missed it...sorry.
    I love my little book and have to say that in having a go myself [with your help on the other side of the world of course] I've never laughed so much in ages.
    And of course if anyone wants to make frogs or pyramids I'm your gal :-)
    Annie x

  7. Please Miss. May I have a go at this bookie? You know I love mini albums and this looks great.


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