Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WOYWW Week 213

Here we go again... sung to the well known tune by Ray Charles... or someone else if you are young!! ;) What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, the time to peruse copious amounts of crafty desks, where you will find enablers that persuade you that you really 'need' that extra something, tonnes of inspiration to try new things and for the nosey among us, a look into someone else's life.  Check out Julia at the Stamping Ground if you have not a clue as to what I am referring!
It's looking pretty tidy and clean isn't it?  I had a clean up yesterday so that I could sit and play with envelopes.  Moved the desk lamp to a position where I actually benefited from the light it cast, put away a lot of the things that I don't use all the time.  Oh and can you see the little shopping cart I found last weekend? Cute huh?  Well, while you are here, perhaps you could do me a favour... its to do with that pile of envelopes... which is supposed to look like a very olde pile of love letters and has to have some finishing touches done to it.... I had to make the top one sort of decorative and made one, then wasn't quite happy, so made another one... wasn't quite happy and made a third!!  So help me out here.... which one should go on the top of the pile?
Version A
Version B
Version C
When I was at the Scrap and Papercraft Expo in Brisbane a few weeks back I picked up a cool stamp with ladies faces on it...
Yep, it is 4 stamps in one...
By Judi Kins.... and yep, it cost me just short of $40... 
but when I stamp with it, the whole image doesn't come out... I have tried stamping on a hard surface, stamping with my foam stamp background, pressing really hard and rocking it... nope... she always ends up with one eye missing... which isn't the end result I was looking for!  Anyone have any ideas how to sort it?  Is it a dud and do I send it back from whence it came?  


  1. Love your pages and stamps! So funny, I have to clean up everything too before I get out the scoring board and make envelopes--I don't know why I seem to need to do those separately. Love your clean space though! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #6

  2. OH, your art is divine! I liked both A and B - I really liked the image on A - but the design (layout) on B was dynamic!

    Create With Joy #7

  3. I like your 2nd one Version B for sure and wow was that stamp expensive!!! and I hope the move goes well I swear I have a kitty that WILL freak out that WILL be scared with the move that WILL meow the whole way there lol big baby he is but he's an indoor kitty so hopefully he'll just hide under the bed lol and then when he explores he'll enjoy his new space :)
    I hate to keep cleaning for everyone to visit UGGG
    hugs Nikki #5

  4. I like version 1 of the envelope, simple, with a great graphic. Too bad about that stamp, I'd send it back. Did you try putting the stamp facing up, inking and then and putting your paper on top and rubbing it? That might help. Barb #11

  5. Version B for me. Like them all, love C but not for the top of a pile of love letters - deffo B.
    As for the stamp, I would write to Judikins and tell them and see what they have to say about it. In the meantime try rocking it a bit when stamping. Not easy to exert pressure over the particular area with it being a cube. How annoying!
    No joy with Judikins then I would be tempted to send it back to the retailer who you really have the contract with. Ouich! Lot of money.
    BTW love your trolley and the lamp is fab!Hugs, Neet xx

  6. I like version B. I have the same trouble with some my stamps. My work surface isn't smooth. Try laying your stamp down, inking it, layer your paper on top, and rubbing it with your finger. Happy crafting #12

  7. Version B (I think) but there are bits of Version A that work really well! Try rubbing the ink pad over the stamp then tapping the ink on in the usual way. It seems to work for me when I've got a "difficult" stamp that doesn't want to play!. Hugs. Pam#27

  8. Versions A and B are my favorites, not quite sure which i like better. A maybe?
    the stamp designs are gorgeous. too bad it doesn't work well. if i bought a stamp for $40, i would definitely return it if it didn't work perfectly!
    happy WOYWW!

  9. Version B for me... but they are all lovely! I have some of those cube stamps but don't remember having any that only partly stamp, I hope you sort the problem. The "bee" card you liked was from the very talented Hels Sheridan, so no wonder it's fab! Helen 2

  10. Version B for me but they all look beautiful. I would contact your stamp supplier and sort out a replacement, you don't want to spend that much money and have a 1/4 of the stamp unusable. Hope it works out for you. Have a great week MMx #47

  11. Really like those envelopes.
    Gee stamps are expensive aren't they?
    Judy #40

  12. Version B hun, I'd return the stamp if it won't stamp no matter what surface.

  13. It would have to be the second Image for me, Version B. I love the concept of the Love Letters...I am such a romantic. Shame about the Stamp, for that kind of Money I would actually send it back and try get a new one or a refund. At $40 for some rubber on a wooden block one would expect perfection.
    Happy WOYWW
    Silvia #51

  14. Oh, these are all just lovely! It's hard to decide, but I think version B just has it! It's so annoying when that happens with a stamp, but thanks so much for mentioning, because, although I didn't know what you can do about it all those hints from the others were really helpful. It's such a fabulous stamp I hope you're able to make her two-eyed soon!!! Julie Ann :) #49

  15. pull her off and put her on Easy mount then she should stamp ok.

  16. Love all the 'letter' designs Annette but version B is my favourite.

    If the stamp hadn't cost so much I would have suggested peeling it off the block and trying it with an acrylic block. I don't tend to get on well with these 4-way stamps as it always feels awkward pressing down on the stamp that is on the top.

    Toni xx

  17. I love envelope A best so that is my choice for going on top. What a shame with your new stap as it looks great with al the ladies faces on. Have you tried stamping with a foam mat under your piece of card?
    Happy WOYWW today I hope the rest of the week is a good one for you
    Ria #52

  18. I think your no 1 letter is lovely, I just love the picture.. That stamp for so much money I would be sending it back it will always annoy you..
    Sandy :) #42

  19. Version A for me, though I love them all!
    Can't help you with stamp tips but if I had spent that much on something and it wasn't doing the job, then I wouldn't hesitate to send it back! Hope you get a replacement!
    Hugs, LLJ 59 xx

  20. Those are lovely letters. So sad that the new stamp doesn't work as it should and for that money...
    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a lovely week
    xx Monique #74

  21. Isn't it infuriating when an image doesn't stamp well? That is where digital stamps win out, in that they ALWAYS "stamp" perfect, but then you are limited to where you can add them. I would maybe try warming it up a bit - if the rubber is compressed maybe warming it might help it...expand? Maybe also try Versafine ink? That really DOES give a better impression with a detailed stamp. and for me? totally B :)

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (19)

  22. I love version A & B, but it's B for the top, for me. Bummer about the stamp. I've only got a few stamps but could the foamy bit behind the rubber have a bit of a dent and it's not pushing the whole rubber bit evenly? Can you contact the people that make it? Might be best to tell them before sending it back, you never know they might send a new one and a few extras as well.
    I soooo love that little shopping trolley, just gorgeous.
    Have a great week.
    Von # 14 (yay, the sun's back!!)

  23. I would certainly contact the makers and tell them - send an example and explain exactly what happens. They should replace it as it is not fit for purpose but I don't know about Australian Consumer rights

  24. Beautiful work! ...and really disappointing that your stamp doesn't work the way it should. I hope you'll get a new one!
    Happy woyww,
    Jana #76

    BTW - I'm working on an origami mini book just now! :)

  25. I like version b the most - it has to do with the balance I think... and what a bummer the stamp doesn't work well. The second image seems to show a little bit more of the eye, but sure not enough. I do hope you can trade it for a good one! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #101

  26. I like the envelopes!! I think I like the 3rd best :) But I too have a hard time deciding. Uniflame - 70

  27. Ooooh !! They are all super but I like Version B best :-)
    The little shopping trolley is adorable !!! LUV it :-)
    Bugger about that stamp - you have tried everything I would suggest and I think trying it upside down and rubbing would be a pain in the butt. !! I would send it back and say it's a dud !!
    Happy WOYWW anyway :-D

    IKE xxxx #30

  28. I like all the envelopes but I think I would go for number two.
    I would go with the suggestion to rub the ink all over the stamp and then tap it. That has worked for me before. I wold probably peel it off the block and put it on EZmount, so you can then press with a finger on the bit that wouldn't stamp, but at that price I would send your picture to judikins and see what they say. I hope you can get it sorted. Kate x #113

  29. Re the duff stamp... if Judykins don't sort it then I would remount it with new mounting foam on the back as an UM and see if that works. You've nothing to lose if you've tried all else.
    Amazing desk... CLEAR!
    Jo x

  30. Version A for me and the stamp, gosh for that price returning seems like a good idea else taking it off the block and using it free but I'm no stamper so other comments are probably more sensible - LOL Sorry I'm a bit late replying but my son had his drum exam this morning, glad that is over now. Thanks for stopping by this week BJ#13

  31. That stinks about that stamp. I would totally return it! You tried all the things I would have suggested.
    As for the envelopes, I think they are all beautiful. If I had to pick, I like B.

  32. Wow! Absolutely stunning - I love your work! I really do like that style :) #117

  33. Hi Annette,
    I'm running really late this week cos I've had the twins all day :-)
    I've got to say my fav is version A.
    A x # 46

  34. Don't ask me to choose, they all look utterly fab to me!
    But the stamp I may be able to offer a coupla ideas for. It might actually be release silicone from the mould...use an old fashioned eraser all over the missing part of the image, then gently take an emery board to it and rough it up a bit. You have held it up to see that the rubber is even all the foam depressed? If it is, it might benefit from being in a warm place (!..over here I would say airing cupboard!) for a couple of days. But ultimately, for 40 should go back if you can't get the image. Judikins have a marvellous reputation, so really, this is a surprise.

  35. Hi Annette, that tiny trolley is definitely cute. I like all your envelopes and would be hard pushed to choose between them. Shame about that stamp - I'd try inking the stamp and then laying the paper on top of it and pressing over it with my fingers - if that doesn't work, I'd be sending it back to the retailers who are contractually obliged to ensure it is fit for purpose (get me!) - $40 is a big investment even for four stamps. Hope it all works out well. Elizabeth x #60

  36. Your desk is SO neat and tidy. I really like the little shopping cart. If I found that on sale I would pick it up to! So cute! As for your envelopes, I am not a stamper or cardmaker and I like all three. If I had to pick one, it would be Version A, it just says "Romance" to me! Have a great WOYWW! Rasz #125

  37. Love your pages! And yes - if possible, return the stamp. You didn't pay pennies for cost you a lot, so - when you are not happy - I think they should replace it with new one or at least - return the money...

  38. Love all three of those stamped envelopes but I would go with C if they are to be love letters from a man sweetheart.
    Wow that stamp was spensive!! I would send back sooner rather than later!
    Hugs from another tidy desk! (just this week I promise!)

  39. I like B the best, I think. What a neat idea, making a pile of love letters. Sorry you're not having good luck with that stamp! (And thanks for your WOYWW 211 visit, which I never got a chance to return until now!) ~ Laura #105

  40. I'm late, especially since I didn't partake in WOYWW this week. I had so much to do to prepare for the weekend. It's truly amazing how far behind one can get with yard work, not to mention house cleaning, when sitting in front of a computer for days on end. Something simply HAD to give because I'm having company later today. I didn't even have my chiminea outside and that's what I'm firing up to make "dinner."

    I saw you post above, so I'm glad you went with B. It's all about the balance, especially with the way you used it. Had you used either of the others on top, the majority of the image would have been lost and cut in half.

    My friend Kathy, who stamps a bit more than I, says to use an emery board on a new photo type stamp (one that has fine detail, rather than not much detail). My advice would be to let JudiKins know before you start pulling that thing apart. By putting the results on your blog, you've let others know what NOT to buy. Bad advertizing, bad "press," is sometimes worth it to keep a good vendor honest.

  41. G'day Annette
    just popping in for Woyww. Thanks for dropping by my blog too :o). Oh wow I love what you did with the Tv cabinet below. I also love how the secret box/letters came out above...well done!!! Oh I wqent to the Scrap and Papercraft Expo in Brissie too on the it was great to be able to shop in person and not on line. Hope you get that Judilins stamp sorted
    Annette #21

  42. Love your tidy work space. And I love version B
    'cause the image is so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. :)


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