Monday, 1 July 2013

Playing with paint....

In the corner of the family room at the end of my kitchen is this corner TV unit which we picked up secondhand from expats leaving to go back to the States.  I don't like it... all the furniture in the house is the dark wood of the desk that is next to it... it looks weird and is badly scratched and must have been sat in the sun because the top has a faded area where their television used to sit.
See?  Urgh.... so after Chris left for work this morning I thought I would see if I could do anything with it.
It's not looking very promising is it?  In fact, at this stage I even said out loud to the cats that Chris was going to kill me.... LOL  but what's a girl to do when she has gone that far?  
OK... a couple more coats and it isn't looking too bad!!
and a quick trip down to the scraproom and some paper on the front of the drawer... and sand the edges back a bit and red ink the bare wood to give it some depth...

Pop everything back on and in it....
Do you think he will notice when he gets in from work in an hour or so? ;)

UPDATE:   Chris had been home 3 hours and hadn't noticed... and the door to the right of the tv unit is the door to his study... so its not like he didn't have to walk right past it! LOL  Then he called downstairs to me in the scraproom and said ' it looks very nice'   LOL... he had checked my blog for updates and realised what he had missed.... so though he lost points for not noticing, he gained points for taking the time, after a busy day at work, to check my blog!! :)


  1. Wow Annette, what a super transformation.

    You'll have to let us know what Chris thinks (if he notices LOL).

    Toni xx

  2. Do tell what he said...I love it!

  3. Oh Annette you had me giggling with that, I'm going to guess the smell of paint might give it away potentially - but it looks totally awesome so I'm guessing he will absolutely love it!!

  4. My glad you stuck with it! I wonder if he will notice - just the sort of thing that mine wouldn't! Hope you're justifiably feeling a bit smug!

  5. Annette, you could set that thing on fire, and Chris wouldn't hate you. And if he's anything like I've built him up in my mind, he'll definitely notice. After all, any man who would follow his wife around shopping for scrapbooking supplies, or buy her a tea cup set "just because," is going to notice.

    I see Tom-Tom has taken center stage in the last photo, while Pandy is hiding out. It's good to see they are enjoying the full reign of the house again.

  6. Very nice transformation - I thought it was gonna end up in your crafty area for a minute - love the drawer... Mxx

  7. Loving your makeover but did he notice?

  8. Really love the finished result....hope Chris did too :-)
    A x

  9. wow that is coolo, how did you get the ink to dry so quickly? Did he notice?

  10. Really wanting to know if he noticed.


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