Tuesday, 23 July 2013

T stands for Tuesday

and I am not drinking tea.... have had about 4 cups already this morning... so have gone for an expresso instead!  And yes, it is Tuesday here in Brisbane... in fact half the morning has gone already!! LOL
and it is sitting on my desk next this large packet of wooden pieces and chipboard...
Yes... I am trying to work up enough courage to break open the plastic wrap and set to playing with it... but this is as far as it has got at the moment... the vision in my head for how I want it to turn out is a little fuzzy... so I need to go through my patterned papers and hope that a set will jump out at me shouting that they are perfect for the job.
Oh and I have found a new friend!  Meet Lizzie, the blue-tongued lizard, that lives under my front porch.  She likes catfood... and yes... she has a blue tongue!
Here she is eating Pandy's leftover breakfast... I think she is gorgeous... I am hoping that she will get used to me hanging around...
If you are wondering why I am babbling on about tea and coffee and procrastinating about papers and lizards in the garden... then hop over to Elizabeth's and join us for T stands for Tuesday.  No pressure, you can drink what you like... tell us what is happening in your life... 


  1. Yep, it's Tuesday in your world, even though it's still Monday in mine. I hope by the time WOYWW rolls around, you will have chosen papers and broken the plastic seal. I really want to see how this turns out.

    I'm glad you've made at least ONE new friend in Oz. Lizzie looks like a fun friend to have. I see you've started feeding her, too. Maybe accidentally at first, but now she knows you have a soft spot for her.

    BTW, I know how much I teased you about the BEAR that was really a MOOSE, but I couldn't remember the real name of that thermometer, and I couldn't find anything on my blog. I remember when I purchased it, but I obviously threw anything about it away, or used it in an art piece. Thanks for setting me straight. And now I'm off to correct my mistake.

  2. Your drink looks yummy and the lizard would not be my first choice for a friend! lol

  3. Well it's certainly different to the wildlife in my garden :-)

  4. OOh my sister bought one of those cos they were on special at Spotlight - they only had 2 left - I didn't get one - wish I had now... have fun putting it together and decorating - I am heading over to Elizabeth & bleubeard's now to post my T for Tuesday entry... have a great week Mxx

  5. Lizzie looks cute but I think I'll let you keep her...

    After a thunder storm that has lasted from about 1am through to nearly 9am, I'm sitting looking out at a rather overcast start to the day - hugging a mug of coffee.

    Toni xx

  6. Hi Annette,
    I really love the look of that little set of drawers and will be watching closely to see what you do with them.
    Not so sure about your creepy little friend but must say I do love the colour of her tongue :-)
    Annie x

  7. Love the lizard but not sure I would want him in my garden. x Jo

  8. Your project looks interesting, I look forward to seeing the progress. Your lizard looks friendly, we get ones called "fence lizards" here.


  9. I think I would have run screaming if I had Lizzie living under my porch! I'm looking forward to seeing how your project looks all put together--no doubt the decorations will be awesome!

  10. Oh I just love your cup!! that is way international and far more interesting than a plane old mug.
    Your project is gonna look totally fab when you get it complete, cheers to brainstorming ideas for it.
    Love Lizzie! what a wonderful visitor to your day. I hope she sticks around for awhile, too!
    Happy T!!

  11. Since we are international, it is only 6:42 am here in southern California, and I am already late for "T"! LOL I'm so interested in what you will do with your new storage that I decided to follow your blog. (yes I am that nosy...LOL) Great cup!
    Krisha #9

  12. Lizzie is a sweetie. I love her blue tongue.
    Add me to the list of those waiting to see what you do with the drawers.

  13. Hope it's still Tuesday but then any day is a great day to get to travel around the globe from our computer chairs and visit...

    Your cup of Cappuccino looks YUM...
    my Mr Magpie just dropped off a cup of the same for me this morning...but I do think yours would taste a wee bit better in that cool cup (mine was cardboard)!

    your Lizzie is like nothing we would see here in the Wash DC area...amazing...wondering how big she will get on her cat food diet ;)

    Thank you for visiting my Magpie's Nest and Happy July

  14. i enjoy espresso but don't make it myself. the only kind of lizard i've had is the little anole lizards. i think it'd be fun to have a lizard that size that lived under the porch and ate cat food. s/he's a pretty thing!

  15. Ok, the cup,is pretty cool, the contents not so much. My grandma would be probably frowning her eyebrows at me cuz I don't drink coffee. She'd say "that's what a proper Swede-Finn should be drinking...black coffee!" Love the Lizzie! My girls would have a field day watching her out the window. Face to face they would run and hide. :) :)

  16. I'm very late as it's today instead of yesterday, but never mind! I DO love you turn-around drawer box thingy! Fabulous, and soooo useful!!
    We don't have a lizard but there's newt's in the pond, and grass snake that lives inside the waterfall bit and some slow worms hiding up the top of the garden, lovely pictures!
    I stopped for Nutella instead of tea!


  17. Your lizzy looks very nice but rather in your garden than mine. Good luck when you open your package on your desk
    Enjoy your coffee


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