Thursday, 4 July 2013

Letters with a secret...

So with the help of lots of you, I went with version 2 as the most chosen of the envelopes to sit on the top of the pile... and have added a rose and some ribbon to tie the bundle up with.
and you would be forgiven for thinking that its pretty weird to want a pile of mail sitting somewhere... 

I have to admit, this image says 'love letters' to me... she almost looks sad, as if he were to be leaving for a long trip somewhere.
but if you lift the top letter inside is a little secret box.... for hiding things!
so you put it on your dressing table amongst all the perfume and pearls and nobody knows you have a secret hidey hole for those diamonds... or chocolates you don't want to share!! ;)


  1. Simply stunning, did you follow a tutorial for this? X

  2. Oh Annette that's fabulous!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the link and yes am very excited at seeing
    Timmie :-)

  4. What a fabulous creation and such a lovely idea. Who would think that a pile of letters could hold such a super secret.

    Toni xx

  5. That is so pretty Annette.
    A x

  6. Too late for a WOYWW comment but so glad I popped in to see this today - it really is beautiful Annette - clever you. x Jo

  7. LOve your secret little boxm what a great idea.
    Thanks for visiting my blog =)
    The embossing folder is from Sizzix: Texture Fades Diamond Plate & Rived Metal Set.
    I got it at a dutch art supply store (, but I guess any art supply store with Sizzix stuff would have them.

  8. so now I have box envy


    I am going through an envy phase. Everyone seems to be achieving so much. I am going upstairs to make little japanese women!!!

  9. I remember seeing someone make one of these years and years ago. She didn't line hers up, but made them look randomly placed. I actually like yours better. It looks more like a bunch of love letters. And I adore your knife skills.

    I see you put that stamp to good use, too. Clever you!! Adding the Eiffel Tower over the eye was the perfect way to cover a "mistake." Love that about you.

  10. Oh Annette, that is fabulous. What a fantastic idea and how lovely it looks, especially with the pearls, perfumes and things.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  11. That is so lovely, what a great idea. I can see it perfect for all sorts of occasions, especially Valentines or a special gift for a loved one.
    hope things are going well for you and you are settling happily.
    Jo x

  12. This is so darn pretty. I've never seen anything like this before. If you ever decide to offer an online class on how to make these, sign me up!!! Hope you had a great weekend. (((HUGS)))

    (a fellow WOYWW'er, but visiting just because :D

  13. Wow... this is fantastic! Love it! :)

  14. ha ha - love it Annette, brilliant, well done.

  15. What a fantastic idea!! Love the secret hiding place can you imagine how lovely it would be to open up and find a special piece of jewellery in there lol! I dream .....


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