Sunday, 8 February 2015

And finally... Birthday Book Number 4!

Yes, this is the last of the birthday books that I made last week... this one is mine and I used Graphic 45 papers that I have had for ages and ages.... 
and it opens with me and my January birthday...

and my nephew

onto Christopher 

my Mum,

Chris in May with my niece,

Eldest brother and niece in July

and second eldest brother also in July...

My nieces and nephews...

and my little brother to wind the year up...

with photos of my niece and nephew and my Mum.
I had great fun making these, they have a purpose which suited my need to make something with a practical application as well as just looking nice.


  1. So useful Annette but also a wonderful keepsake.
    Enjoy your book.
    Toni xx

  2. I think this is such a great idea that I'm thinking of snitching it for myself. Might even make the other members of the family one.......but definitely one for me.
    Did you make the mini album from scratch, or was it already bound?
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks for the reply to my question.....;)

  4. There is something wrong with my sidebar. Many of the blogs I visit are NOT updating. I was at Krisha's blog and saw this post, or I still would have missed it.

    You have such a wonderful, wholesome looking family. I read in some school book that you can tell the kind of person you are by the time you are 35. It shows in your face. And you are definitely from a good family. I'm simply thrilled you shared all these, because they have such meaning for you, your siblings, and served to get rid of a bit of your beautiful stash.

    As for the G45 paper, quality never goes out of style.

  5. Lovely Things you have been making. Loved looking at all of it and would be thrilled to be the recipient of such lovely work. Lucky friends and family you have :)


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