Tuesday, 17 February 2015

T on Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth for T on Tuesday this week... with a mug of frothy coffee!  It is the only coffee of the day... the rest of the time it is tea.... in a cup and saucer, but mid morning I really enjoy that one cup of coffee.
I have been making an envelope to hold some birthday gifts for a friend.
and made up some tags in chipboard and stamped them with quotes...
I think these are Tim Holtz stamps... 
pretty sure that is a Tim Holtz... will go and check... and clean them up! LOL
It's a busy week here this week... tomorrow I am taking Chris to the hospital for some tests and we are also having a new central heating boiler installed...  and Friday is lunch with the girls and Saturday is movie night...


  1. A new boiler?!!!! oh my word, I remember that experience. The "team" of four men that seemed to be ten feet tall and just as wide spent precisely four hours in my house. They removed the old hot water tank, having first drained the system and flushed it clean. They removed all unnecessary pipes put the new boiler on the wall put in new pipes filled the system bled radiators and were gone without even having a cup of tea. They left no mess and I had hardly stopped spinning before they were out the door. I hope you have the same experience.

  2. Hope all goes well with Chris's hospital tests. I love my coffee addicted to Costa's Latte so much so I treated myself to a Tassimo machine. x

  3. Enjoyed seeing the lovely envelope and tags you made. It sounds like the next few days will definitely be busy--I hope the tests go well. Happy T (or coffee) day!

  4. A new boiler sounds like a major disruption! Your coffee looks very decadent! yum!
    Happy T day!

  5. First, I had to applaud you for having a mug instead of a cup and saucer. I guess coffee is more relaxed and tea more formal. Love the bird cage. Is it new? It's a pretty color.

    Second, I hope the tests for Chris go well. What a difficult time to have the boiler installed. I hope he isn't in the hospital long, or you'll miss movie night.

    Not sure what a "boiler" is, but I hope it's more like Ladkyis's experience and less like your kitchen remodel experience.

    So glad to see you for T this Tuesday. Loved the mug and cage you shared with us, too, dear Annette.

  6. That does sound like a busy week. I hope it's not stressful much, and I hope all of it goes smoothly. The end of the week sounds like it's to look forward to :)

  7. beautiful envelope and tags! I so love using quotes and not only have books of them but also have a fairly big collection of stamps too:) Love that bright green cage holding the citrus! Hope all goes well with the boiler and testings. Happy T day!

  8. Love the bird cage with the fruit in it, and you "mug" is a cute one. Yes, I almost bought the heart shaped cups at the antique store.......but I just settled for a picture.....LOL

    Will keep you and Chris on the prayer list, hope everything goes well.

    Busy week ahead of you, lunch with "the girls" is always fun and movie night with the DH is special. What movie are you going to see??

    Happy T-day

  9. Lovely gift you are making.
    Your frothy coffee looks and sounds yummy...when we go out my morning drink of choice is always half caff cappuccino partly because of the foam.
    Best of luck with the testing and don't forget to breathe with all you have scheduled ;-)
    Happy T Day

  10. I'm loving that bird cage! How lovely it is. I could just fancy a frothy coffee, but it's a little late in the day for me; perhaps tomorrow ;)
    Happy T Day :o))

  11. What a lovely idea, a book of tags.
    Hope you enjoyed your coffee and are keeping warm.
    Thanks for dropping by
    Lynn :)

  12. I love what you've made for your friend even before i know what you put in it. :) Its just lovely and i 'm sure she will love it for just how much loving time you put into it.

    I hope all goes well with Chris. Hospitals and tests can be so scary.....

    A boiler! Thats sounds like a huge job. I hope it all goes smoothly! Happy Tday! Hugs~ deb

  13. wonderful book tags - she will love it .
    I love this bird cage ...
    wishing the best for the tests at the hospital!
    Happy T-Day

  14. Looks like a good cup of coffee. What a clever idea to add the tags to the gift envelope. Sounds like some busy days for you - hoping it is all to the good.


  15. What a beautiful gift Annette.
    Gosh it does sound like a busy week ahead. Hope all goes well for Chris and I hope the new boiler installation goes without any hitches.
    Toni xx

  16. Thought I was posting on this one and ended up posting on an older post. :) I was enjoying looking at your work so much I just kept going ♥

  17. Really cute mug, and great color blast from the bird cage fruit! Love your envelope and tags too...Happy T Day!

  18. What a pretty envelope and tags! Sounds busy your way. Enjoy! Happy T-Day! :)

  19. my best to Chris - hope all goes well
    love the tags with the quotes - they are fabulous.

    bet you can't wait for saturday night . . . . .

  20. Love your mug, your tags. I don't know what frothy coffee is.Lovely post!

  21. love your tags and the lemons in the cage..good idea and good for colds too

  22. Hello and Happy T Day late! How pretty your birdcage is, the color of my kitchen. Nice cup of coffee too, I like that you drink it and tea both, not many choose both. What a great gift, she will love it all. Hope all goes well at doctors appt. YAY for movie night.

  23. What fabulous tags and love the lemons in the birdcage.

    Hugs Diane


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