Friday, 6 February 2015

Birthday Book Three

So this is the cover of Birthday Book number three... for my little brother, Gary.
Front page is a photo of his two daughters.
Same format as the others is photographs of family members for the relevant month.
This is May and Chloe and Chris and their birthdays.
Busy July, Sandy has her birthday and two of my brothers.
Gary in December
and the final page is another photo of Sandy and Chloe.

Another stash buster, I bought these papers in Canada and have managed to make at least 3 different mini books from the pack and there is still some left! 


  1. Not only are you destashing, you are doing it on a global level. Another wonderful book, dear friend. I really enjoyed seeing all the papers you used and the fun you must have had putting everything together.

    These will be truly loved by all your family, I'm sure.

  2. Wow, another fabulous book. You have certainly been busy.
    Isn't it strange how no matter how much you dig into the stash mountain, it just doesn't seem to get any smaller (possibly because in my case new things get added LOL).
    Toni xx

  3. Great little book and what a wonderful idea for gifts. I may have to send one to my sister with mine and Hubby's birthdays and annies in as she is prone to forget...not that I am allowed to forget hers!!
    Thanks for the idea.


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