Saturday, 7 February 2015

Canvas Photographs

So to go with the birthday books I made, I thought I would have a go at printing on canvas and making some little hanging pictures for my three brothers.
This one is for my little brother and is of his two gorgeous daughters.

This one is for my older brother and is of his son and daughter, the photo was taken in Bali, Indonesia.

This one is for my eldest brother and is of his son and daughter, photo taken in the Tarn, France when visiting my Mum.
The canvas was easy to rpint on but you have to take into account that the colour becomes less saturated and you have to back the canvas onto something solid, I have used chipboard covered in patterned papers and then inked and stamped.  
They were fun to make, and I hope my brothers like them.


  1. These are so pretty, how could they not like them, I love them! I got some canvas paper in Lidl, I wonder if that would go through my printer? Worth a try.. x

  2. Oh Annette, these are fantastic. They look so well done. Your new printer works SO well. Very impressive the way you backed them, too. One thing I have to say is, your family gets around a LOT (grin).

  3. These are lovely Annette. Not tried printing on canvas before so thanks for the tip.
    I am sure your brothers will love them and their books.

  4. What a beautiful addition to go with the books. Your brothers will love these gifts.
    Toni xx

  5. what a fab idea. Lovely.


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