Friday 23 March 2012

Envelope Tutorial

I have had a few people ask how I made my envelopes from yesterday's post... and I feel completely silly even putting this tutorial on here because really... these are not your fancy envelopes with 15 scores and numerous amounts of measuring and swearing or anything... I use the KISS theory (KISS - keep it simple stupid) on envelopes because I know that they are going to be abused by the mail service and thrown in the bin by the recipient...  I mean... it's a envie ok? ;)
This is all based on a 12 x 12 sheet of double side paper... it doesn't have to be double sided but it sure looks prettier if it is and in keeping with my KISS theory... I am not about to start making liners for my envelopes!!
My version is quick and easy and use the entire 12 x 12 sheet of paper... no waste at all!!
This is the back... they do look pretty and I would love my mail to arrive like this!
and they even come with a little tag to add a note on... 
So you need your sheet of double sided paper...
and these tools... but if you don't have something... I am sure you can find a substitute that will work just as well.
Remove the white strip...
and whatever you are wanting to put into the envie... all of mine are based on my needing to post 7" x 5" journal pages.
After deciding which side you want as the outer... lay paper on cutting mat with the inner side facing upward.
To make it as simple for myself as possible I use the squares on the cutting mat... so I cut a length 3 squares off the left side.  Each square is an inch so 3 inches.  Put the strip to one side.
Keeping my paper square on the cutting mat and lined up with the markings from the top... count up 4 squares from the bottom and score that line across...  (if you want to measure then from the bottom measure 3 3/4" and make a score line).  
Fold on the score line...
Measure 4 inches or squares from the top and do another score line and fold. Now, easy is that? LOL
Add double side tape to the two bottom sides and then stick into place forming your pocket.
Add a strip of double side tape to the top which will seal your envelope before posting... so leave it for now!
I nip the corners off the fold, so that it looks like an envelope and as though I have spent some time on it... I also inked all the edges on mine but you don't have to.
OK... now bring back the 3 inch strip you cut off at the beginning...
Cut a 5 inch piece off one end... it will be your address label for the front.
Cut a 1 1/2" circle from the other long piece and a smaller circle for decoration.
Tidy up the left over piece by removing the bit with the circles cut out and snip the ends to make a tag shape.
Glue the smaller circle onto the larger one alternating the patterns and then attach it to the edge of your envelope seal piece.
Remove the corners and ink the address label piece and glue to the front of your envie.
You're done!  Oh and they only take a matter of minutes and are great for using up the piles of papers that get left behind in big packs after you have done a project.  


  1. Great envie tut - looks amazing! And cool nail polish!

  2. Annette you might think it was silly sharing it - but I love it - I love straight forward no nonsense tutorials and I particularly love the KISS theory - thank you for sharing, now where's the double sided paper!

  3. Brilliantly simple it ...a perfect use for all that paper waiting to be used ... perfect for sending Internet vouchers in...Thank you xx

  4. Yours are FANTASTIC. I sew my sides, but that's because I have more thread than double sided tape (grin). You did a great job. I would have used my guillotine cutter, because I am craft knife challenged. But yours look SO much better than mine!

  5. You may think these are simple to make, but they look so elegant! I can't wait to try making some.

  6. Genius! I'm making my own from now on - I have more scrapbooking paper than I'll use in 10 lifetimes and now I have another way to use it up. Thanks!

  7. My local fabric shop sells the Union Jack material at £12.95 per metre. It's wide as it's furnishing weight cotton. If you like, I'm happy to buy you some and send it to you. Lord knows what the postage would be. Let me know if I can help :)
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  8. Fabulous! I've got far too much 12 x 12 paper and card, especially for someone who doesn't scrapbook!

    As for my recycled cardboard book covers, well, so far, I have only put pages into the tiny lilac one (which was made using an empty BandAid packet ... honestly!) I've just become obsessed with using our empty biscuit packets (sad, isn't it?) and of course it is SO easy, because I also have a big bag of recycled tissue paper to cover them with. My husband had to play lucky dip for biscuits this weekend because I had taken all the boxes and left the biscuit packets with no id!
    As for how many pages they might take, well, if you use paper only, then probably quite a fair bit, but I intend to use cardboard, including some of that huge stash of 12 x 12. Will put pics on blog when I get there, but I am easily distracted!

  9. I featured you and the tape on Friday's post when I first showed the doll house. I hope you go back and have a look at it. So, are you moving back home soon? Is Chris's time nearly up? I don't want to lose you, that's for sure.

  10. Yes I agree they are very pretty! atsy from

  11. Love these! Wish all post arrived like this!

  12. I'm reading up catching up with your blog ... it's been a while ... but would you believe that the Greek post office would not allow me to send such envelops ... they want either white or craft colour ...


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