Sunday, 9 November 2014

Have you got a spare banana tree?

The questions I get asked!  This was the one from my son the other day... and the answer was yes a couple of weeks ago but I have since donated it to charity...  in my need to slim down the two of everything dilemma I have from having a home and making a home where ever I have gone in the world...  why?   Why did he want a spare banana tree?  Its not one of those things that people normally ask you!!
It seems that all the younger 'pooter types have these big fat headphones now.... a thing I appreciate late of an evening when he wears them to listen to music or play computer games or whatever... and these big fat headphones have quite the big fat price tag on them and take up a lot of room on the desk... so they hang them from banana trees.... to keep them safely off the desk and looking tidy if they can't/won't pay out the £30 to buy a headphone rest.... yep, they make headphone rests!!  Who'd a thought eh?  LOL
Anyways... he is at work today and I have been playing in the scraproom... so I thought I would give it a try out of chipboard... 
LOL... this is what happened... he's going to regret asking about banana trees now, isn't he?  
Nevermind... maybe Santa will be kind....


  1. Now why would he moan about that **chuckle** - it works.
    Don't they charge ridiculous amounts for accessories like that - probably cheaper to go and buy your banana tree back from the charity shop LOL
    Well done on your creativity Annette.
    Toni xx

  2. HA! HA!
    this had me laughing right from the title.
    first i didn't know what a banana tree was, well i do know, but for some reason i was thinking or a 'Banana Tree".
    then i didn't know they made special headphone stands for those monster earphones (i only use the 'ear buds'-those monster earphones remind me of the ones we used in the 70's)
    but the biggest smile came from your very own creation . . . your son is going to love it.

  3. ps: if he doesn't like your earphone stand, i think you should go find him a 'banana tree' at the thrift store. . . . who knows, you might get your old one back.

  4. I was quite taken with the idea of a banana tree on my desk...till I realised that it was the metal hangy thingy you had there...LOL! I like your version best.

  5. You had me thinking about a very different kind of banana tree till I saw the photo! I am sure he will love your version.

  6. I have never possessed a banana tree but great work on the can stand!! I would have had to have put a rose on there though just for a laugh!!
    PS 1979 I was only just a teenager!!

  7. I was also taken by the title, not realizing that's what those hangers were called. DUH.

    But of course, you are the PAPER ENGINEER extraordinaire. You have missed your calling. You could make ANYTHING out of paper and chipboard, dear friend. You impress me all the time with your abilities. This one is no different.


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