Wednesday, 19 November 2014


 I am joining Julia and the WOYWW deskers this week...

This is my desk at 6 a.m. in the cold and dark... next week I will try and get the photos while there is some daylight so people don't get the impression I am living in a cave! LOL 
The cover of the mini book I have been making is done... just need to print the photos but it seems that my printer has other ideas about that little task... it seems to have lost the ability to print.... which makes it a large chunk of uselessness sitting on the worktop!  Poop. 
Pan right.... someone asked for a closer pic of the wall last week... so I hope they visit again and can see some of the bits in more detail.
and the wall to the right of my desk where I scrap... odd bits and pieces I have made.
So this is short and sweet and I will be over to nosey at everyone desks to see what you have been to up to this week!  


  1. Nice to have you back, all be it in the dark! I love your OMG and LOL. The printer thing is a bummer. I find they only have a certain life span. Poop, you are right. However on the bright side, a new one now costs the same as a set of ink and they come with ink...

  2. I zoomed in to see what you have on your walls, which is all gorgeous. Have a good week. Helen 4

  3. that's what i wanted to see. a close up of your works on the wall.
    these are great. (although you didn't tell me anything about them . . .) (ok i'll stop now)
    hope you are having a great week

  4. Hi - the book looks great, and I'd love to visit and explore that lovely room - lots of great stuff on the walls. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 8

  5. It has been dark and cold here this week so far. i am 62 years old and I have lived here most of it and I have never seen Oklahoma turn to winter so fast as it did this year. Last Monday it was 82 degrees and a cold front blew in and it was 18 by midnight…omg! Usually it is in the high 50-60 degree range this time of year! Have a great week. Vickie #17

  6. It was a dark start here too at 6am. Not looking a whole lot better now at just after 8am. I still have lights on! Lovely things you have hanging on your wall.

    Fiona #22

  7. Love the book and your walls.
    Would you mind emailing me you addy as there is something I would like to pop in the post.
    Toni xx

  8. Always lovely to see people's space and your walls look fab with all your masterpieces.
    sandra de @21

  9. Your decorated wall is fantastic, I love all the art work you have displayed. I know exactly what you mean about the printer, I have just had to get a new one but it's a million times better than the old one so not all bad.
    Have a good week.
    Hugs Lisax #38

  10. Not playing, but love seeing what is going on with you and your art. BTW, without looking back, I'm SURE I saw your lovely face with your tiara in the fabric photo frame.

    Sorry to read about your printer. Don't you just LOVE it when electronics mess up (NOT)?

  11. I think it may have been me that asked to have a closer look at your wall! Thanks for sharing it this week! I love those tags and frames with dimensional embellishments! They look awesome. Nice mini book as well! I've just got into making my own books. I've noticed you've got some tutorials - I'll check them out! Have a fantastic week! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #39

  12. Happy WOYWW. I love your mini book. I have grand plans to make some books one day - one day! Hope your printer starts to work again - or perhaps you will need to treat yourself to a new one. I would love an A3+ printer, but a good one is so expensive. Ali x #42

  13. Love the pan to the right with all your bits and pieces, you know I am an admirer of your work.
    Poop seems to be the word for printers as ours often says it cannot find my computer but can find the other half's. It must be a male printer is all I can say. Not sure what yours is.
    That is a delightful cover you have made - look forward to seeing a bit f the inside another week.
    Hugs, & Thanks for visiting me earlier - Neet 27 xx
    ps thanks for the tips about age and photos LOL x

  14. I love your bits and pieces wall - I don't have any wall space in my room, it's all shelves! Your desk looks so clean and tidy! Lindart #60

  15. Beautiful cover waiting your pictures. Printers............ugh! I would love to be able to buy the same one I had 10 years, and three printers ago. It was THE best all-in-one printer, but alas I wore it out to the point that the feeder wheels would hardly pick up a piece of paper, let alone cs or photo paper. The sensors were also shot, always told me I was out of ink.........oh no wait I usually was out of ink....LOL

    Hope your printer makes up it's mind to help you finish your album.

    Love seeing you beautiful walls.
    Krisha #5

  16. Printers...meh...they're a major pain in the butt! They start off fine and then go wrong so quickly. Hope you get yours fixed soon.
    Love the pan around your walls, so interesting to see other folks' spaces :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  17. Hmm printers, I just had to buy a new one, but I had the old one for a looooong time, so I won't complain. Your book looks so beautiful!
    Gabriele 26

  18. That album looks amazing. Beautiful papers. TFS

    Karon #49
    Karon's Krafty Korner

  19. I'm loving all those gorgeous projects on your wall.
    Have a great crafty week,
    Angela x 28

  20. I'm sitting down for while for the first time today having just got home from my day with the twinnie what better to do than catch up with as many blogs as I can? :-)
    I've had a good snoop at all your gorgeous creations and have to say I rather like the look of your 'cave' :-)
    Annie x # 19

  21. I LOVE that front and centre of your pinboard is a pic of you and your man. And then, I reckon I could win an episode of Through The Keyhole..I'm pretty sure I'd spot your artwork anywhere, you have such a style. Off to the shops with you gal, printer misbehaviour is one of the seven great mysteries. I should know, I put 4 new colour cartridges in mine this morning and it's still telling me I've run out of ink. Now, I love the OMG and LOL on your wall, but am leaning to the need for a FFS!! Woops, pardon me!!

  22. OMG what a lovely space. Thanks for sharing.

    Pat #65

  23. OH no! A misbehaving printer! Needs some disciplinary action of some kind. Hope it behaves soon! LOL! Love your photos pan right and left! Fun stuff! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #48

  24. I love all your things on the wall. You are so creative. That book is fab. Don't printers drive you crazy, I've got two and they always seem to stop working together. My Canon is the worst, I'd never have another one.
    Have a great week and I hope your naughty printer decides to work.
    Von #23

  25. Oh I love making books as well. There are just so many different things you can do to their designs! Ok, I admit I like a lot of other papery, inky, fabric-y goodness as well! :D My, you have made your way around the world!!! I bet you have some stash of photographs to put in those lovely books! It is nice to meet you and I look forward to many future visits!
    Hugs from a sister in art from across the pond,
    Beth P (Harrisville, New Hampshire USA)

  26. Love the book, but I SO love the wall :) I won't even go there on the printer. Mine has been good so far, but any day now....

    Oh and YEP - you may not have any verification set on your blog but it IS there if you are not a Blogger Blogger or are not logged in to a Goggle account. I am nearly at my daily limit for comments so expecting I will get it no matter if I type it in right or not ... {sigh}

    Happy happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  27. Hi Annette, a bit late this week for visits but it was interesting to see a little of your world. Love the cover of your mini book - gorgeous colours. Have a great week RobynO#36

  28. Looking good with your displays of wonderful art work. Keep smiling and creating. PS read your bio, All over the world and back again, well done aye.

  29. Don't talk to me about printers. Have yet to own one that I can get to work properly. The one I have at the moment is just a rather ugly shelf. Someone has recommended a Dell one so I might try that next. Hope yours gets fixed soon.

    Thank you for the wall close ups - is that a Donna doll I spy? And I do love that framed jigsaw piece :)

    Carmen x #52

  30. The mini book looks great, they will love it.

  31. Happy WOYWW! What a lovely book you've made. Hope you get your printer woes fixed. I would love to have an inspiration wall like yours. Perhaps when a room gets freed up and I can convert it into a studio!
    Hugs, peggy aplSEEDS@9

  32. Your album cover is beautiful. I just love it. Also, thanks for panning around the room and showing the other projects you've made and have on the wall. I loved seeing them!

    I'm slowly making my way to visit desks. I knew it wouldn't be until the weekend that I was able to really get to.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (12)

  33. I love the little blocks in the frame! I would love to see them closer!

  34. Thanks for dropping by. My squares were just going to be for AEDM at, but I have just been inspired by a post at
    and think I will keep on for another month!

  35. Nothing wrong with crafting in a cave.... I've done it for years lol! (I live in a cave house)
    It's nice to see all the bits on your wall. I love those tags. That family book is beautiful!
    Sorry I'm late, but I like to take my time and look at everybody's blog. I read it all and look at the links etc.
    Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder.
    Have a good week,


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