Tuesday, 18 November 2014

T on Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T on Tuesday with the blind my Mum bought me for my new kitchen.... just loving all those stacked cups.
and as finishing touches go, it was working really well....
but... this morning this is what the kitchen looks like.... with my tea cup and saucer sat on the kitchen units without any worktop.  :(   :(   :(   
I chose Corian worktops for my kitchen and went for Deep Night Sky as the colour.... nobody told me that this wasn't quite the cleverest thing I could do... nobody mentioned that they wouldn't fit... that I would have gaps that I could drop pens down at the back of the worktop, that the invisible joins that are the big rave and thing that Corian go on about wouldn't apply in the dark colours, nobody mentioned that the very dark Corian colours really didn't work in kitchen situations because they show every mark, that the simplest of things will scratch the surface and the effect though pleasing from a distance is not so nice when you are up close and personal.... 
 and this is kitchen worktops... you can't make food or work in your kitchen without the up close and personal bit!  
Invisible joins anyone? 
Gaps at the back for all the grease and carp to fall behind... or the odd mouse! LOL

So after two attempts over the last couple of months and me enduring weeks on end of having no worktops at all, yesterday was the third attempt when they were supposed to come and take them away and template my kitchen again and bring me back new properly finished worktops..... 
and then they mentioned that they were going to take these back to the factory and 'rework them' and bring them back next week.............. ummmmmmmmmmm no.  

 I am reasonably easy going, I will accept that we live in an imperfect world and all that that entails but you cannot charge me a small fortune for the most expensive worktops on the market  and deliver something substandard and expect me accept the situation....
so today I have no worktops cos I got cross and told them to take them away and not come back.  LOL  


  1. Too bad about the work tops, awful workmanship! But I love your new blind!

  2. OH my goodness that is horrendous I have looked at Corian and wondered if it was worth the investment but will think otherwise now. On plus size the blind is fabulous.

  3. oh wow...some sales person really did you a disservice! not giving you all the info you need...and especially about every little scratch showing...do hope you get the situation resolved quickly...how frustrating! good luck...release that frustration with some tea and art. happy T day!

  4. This is a pet peeve of mine: when salespeople don't give you the full information needed to make an informed decision. To be honest, I think it's because they don't actually know the product. I hope your kitchen gets settled to your satisfaction. I think you have a win with the window covering :)

  5. Sorry for all that trouble...
    your blind is fabulous and I like your tea tin too!
    It is dismaying (and that is putting it mildly) to pay good money and not be able to get a decent job done...maddening.
    Wish we could wave a magic wand and make things right for you and your pretty kitchen.
    Happy T Day and you take care!

  6. Your kitchen is still looking so fab despite the lack of proper countertops. I do hope this time around everything works smoothly and quickly. LOVE the new kitchen blind! Happy T day to you.

  7. Oh bless you hun, nope I'm afraid when you are paying for the items they need to be right particularly when they are really expensive and designed to last for a good long time! I hope you get the issue resolved. I love the blind too!


  8. I love the shade but that's horrible about your counter tops. Living in construction is so hard. We haven't wanted to tackle much of anything in this house because we had enough of that with the old one.
    Hope it's all cleared up soon!!
    Happy T Day!!

  9. Hello and Happy T Day! What a pretty blind that is, love seeing all those cups. Your kitchen is looking good and hope it will be done soon. So sorry for all the trouble you've had to go through. Hang in there and thanks for still showing up with your tea today.

  10. I can totally relate. Not in my kitchen, but in remodels done by seemingly reputable workers. It took three times to get my basement right and it's still not. But I don't have to prepare food in my remodel, so I'd be a bit angry, too, I fear. I hope it's cleared up soon.

    That is a beautiful teacup shade. It is SO you, but without the saucer. And of course, I adore the Keep Calm tin you have on the counter, too.

    Thanks for showing the problems with this remodel and warning us of things no salesperson ever tells you. And thanks for sharing your new shade with us for T this Tuesday.

  11. i am so sorry to hear this. your kitchen looks beautiful in the first photo, but you are right . . . we are not there, close up and personal.

    it will take a while longer, but you have learned what you don't want about colors and materials, and workmanship.
    . . . deep breath, and have another cup of tea.

  12. I found your post about the counter tops a little bewildering. I worked for a commercial cabinet manufacturer for two years and we made a LOT of Corian tops and NEVER have I heard that you can't get an invisible seam with the dark colors!!! I've seen the shop make those seams just disappear like magic, in light and dark colors. So sorry to hear you are going through all this. Have you gotten a second opinion?
    Other than that, your new kitchen is marvelous and the new window shade is perfect......love it!
    Happy T-day

  13. Oh Annette, so sorry that things are still not sorted with your worktops. You have every right to expect them to be finished correctly.
    On the plus side, your blind is fabulous - what a super gift from your Mum.
    Toni xx

  14. I love the tea cup shade! It is so nice to have a window right over the sink isn't it? I get to look at the lake as I wash dishes!

    Sorry you had such a problem with the corian...I would be angry, too! Hope you get something you like better soon!

  15. Gosh i would be so disappointed! And upset...Here you spent the money to get top of the line and look what you ended up with...I think i would have been cross too. I hope it all works out for you. Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  16. I don't blame you! When you pay top dollar you expect them to be worth that top dollar. I hope things will be perfect next time. Love the new blind, though. Happy T-Day! :)

  17. I am so sorry to hear about all the problems with your countertops. What a pain! But, on the bright side, your teacup window shade is wonderful--definitely the focal point of the room. Thanks for sharing it on this T Day!

  18. Fab window shade. Thanx Mom!
    Stick to it woman- you deserve quality tops and you will get them !
    thanks for stopping by!

  19. Would you believe it, we have just had the same kitchen fitted. love it.Different worktops though and luckily our fitter was fantastic..no gaps for the mice to drop into :) hope you get it sorted soon, it's so frustrating isn't it!


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